What's It Like Be a Vendor at a Farmer's Market????

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What's It Like Be a Vendor at a Farmer's Market????

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  • A Swyers

    So happy i don''t have to hall tables to the market . But I am in STL At a market that's been here for hundreds of years. We are get getting ready to expand on the chicken I have just over 1,000 , 1000 quail, and i don't know how many rabbits. And 60 head of cattle , no pork, Our largest seller in laying hens, we have 40 variety of birds. and breeding 1,000 a month . I am looking for my sales to pick up to $3,500 a day here soon. . My market is open 156 days a year . My sales ravage $12-$60, your right the veg are not the best sellers. Best of luck .

  • fzfamilyhomestead

    Very good video. We sell homemade goat milk soap and a few other natural homemade items at farmer's markets and this seems very accurate to our experience as well. Some days are good, but some are not so great. You do make good connections by doing the markets and we get repeat customers. Many don't realize that natural, and homegrown, homemade really is different. We also have to spend time explaining to people why certain things are not good to put in or on your body. We enjoy it but from our experience, and we live in a fairly small town, we could not make a living off of the farmer's market.

  • Frank

    He could get professional photos of his meat products and display them around the stand (banners, etc).
    He could sizzle sausages on a BBQ and hand out small portions free of charge. The smell alone ought to draw crowds.

  • David Straub

    Very comprehensive look at the process. I worked at a farm that went to market every Wednesday, but they were long gone to market before I showed up for my work day. Take care.

  • Zaappp !!!

    I really hate when people bring animals, dogs in particular, into food/vending type settings. I don't care if you let your dog lick you in the mouth after he's licked his butt however I don't want you and your pet handling hands or your pet around food I might be buying or selling.

  • SRV. 123

    Biggest problem. My local market (in the country, paved parking for stalls) charges $60.00 for a 10 x 10' stall space. Plus cost of gas there and back. Hard to make it worthwhile as there are hundreds of vendors and many competitors.

  • Pond River Farm

    Really nice video. We are going into our second year selling at farmers market. We do all produce (herbs, veg, berries) & baked goods and I agree with the with the educational element needed for meat sales but veg producers also have a educational hurdle on certain products…introducing kohlrabi, parsnips and even eggplant to customers who aren't familiar with them can be a challenge. Great point too about time involved on a market day, our market starts at 7:30am and runs until noon but we work much more than 4.5 hours on market day with harvesting, washing, packaging, transportation, unloading, etc. Good info, I appreciate the video.

  • Harry

    it'd be pretty easy to build a cooled meat display I think (transparent plastic, pack with ice, rudimentary but can be made aesthetic). Heck, even a transparent cooler/cooler lid. If that's your family business it'd be worth looking into instead of just hiding all the stuff with coolers on the ground.