In this video I goes through what anyone in any climate can plant in March for their organic vegetable garden.





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Simple Cat Proof Seed Bed. Self Sufficient Vegetable Gardening for Beginners. Sowing seeds without modules or seed trays in a simple seed bed.
How to Stop Cats Pooping in the Garden
Lovely Greens’ Plant Labels video

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Byther Farm is a small organic homestead, designed and managed using permaculture practices. We aim for self-sufficiency in fruit and vegetables for increased self reliance and better resilience to the modern world. I recognise that we are unlikely to be truly self sufficient, but do the best we can. I share our home with my loving husband, Mr J and our cat, Monty.
We are a fifty-something couple who live on a smallholding in Monmouthshire, Wales. We are going green and creating a gentler, cleaner and more healthy life for our family.
There is a large organic kitchen garden with no dig gardening raised beds and young food forest in which to grown our fruit and vegetables.
We keep chickens and Aylesbury ducks.

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What Vegetables Can I Plant in March?

| Vegetable Gardening | 35 Comments
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  • ConflictedSwitch

    If anyone is having issues opening the document and having the formulas work properly, they can go to and sign in. That site has a free online version of Excel that can read the document. Once you input your frost date, you can then print it out to PDF.

  • human practitioner

    Thanks for the planting worksheet. It had errors when I opened it with older versions of Excel, so if anyone is having trouble with it, they should make sure to use the latest version of Excel.

  • cgd1125

    I must be doing something wrong. When I put my date in…April 22….my early and late dates are in November / December. I'm very confused. LOL I'm an idiot. In case anyone has the same issue just use the numbers not spelling out the month. It's late here.

  • X Man

    I downloaded all 3 planting spreadsheet. The Original Manual fill-in and Automatic fill-in versions did not work.

    There is an error in cell H3 in the Do Not Change worksheet. The error message says “The formula contains unrecognized text”.

    The formula is

    Can you look into this please?

  • sheiba09

    I’m so jealous! We not only have snow but – 20c with wind chill . Last year it snowed in may and we had frost in June too !5b

  • Caitlyn and Omar Diego

    @nextlevelgardening Help! I tried downloading the planting worksheet, I tried all 3 options. Each one said it was “read only” so I wasn’t able to change the frost date

  • William H.

    There is a weakness in this one-size-fits-all approach: Different locations warm up at different rates after the last frost date. Say a plant only grows at temperatures higher than 60 deg.F. One location can attain this temperature 2 weeks after the last frost date, but another location can only attain this in 6 weeks.

  • Scott Velasquez

    I downloaded the sheet and opened it in Google Sheets. Nothing happened after putting in the date? Is it not working?

  • Qweeknee

    Nice job!! Quick question, I made a bone head move with potato storage and they are green. Can I grow them since I can't eat them as is?

  • Jane Brennan

    I still am being attacked by the BUG, chart still doest work for me :'( I changed the date from 1/1/21 to 5/18/21 but it didn't change the planting dates. It has me starting tomatoes in Nov. LOL

  • Vera Cassidy

    I love this idea Liz and am going to make a similar seedbed for our seeds this Spring. Our lovely gentle little black cat died at 22+ years old and though she was litter tray trained and went in to the back porch to use her tray rather than the garden we now have other people's cats coming in. The daytime is not so bed because of Snoopy our large black and white Springer spaniel who loved Velvet but doesn't let other cats light about the place but at night he is in the house…actually in the bedroom and yes frequently in my bed! The answer I think is to get hold of stuff to make those protective covers you use and I can see a job well done. William is making wooden seed trays to replace the brittle plastic ones that we used for so long and we are both determined to minimise the use of plastic as far as we can. I've watched Tanya and we've decided to make wooden plant labels too. Like you I am good at labelling in the beginning but the weather and birds scatter those awful plastic things, they fade or become brittle and messy and I end up guessing what things are…great that we often face the same hassles in the garden and can learn from each other useful ways of doing things differently. Thank you Liz and stay well.v

  • Auf Tour im Garten // Garden Tour

    Now it's time to start the season. Can't wait until everything is lush and green again.

  • WineBerry Farm

    Lovely video, I love daffodils they make me think of Home and Grandma. I finished reading your first book “Grounded” I couldn’t put it down, it was just as delightful and informative as your videos are. I really encourage anyone that enjoys watching your videos to purchase it!

  • Susan Hills

    Hello Liz, I've got an urgent question and was wondering if you could help me? Last year I sowed various Brassicas into pots, and someone looked after them for me when I went away. I came back and they had been complerely eaten by caterpillars and were just stalks! I couldnt bear to throw them away so kept them on in an unheated greenhouse over winter. They are now about 8" high with lots of leaves. Are they worth planting out or will they just bolt? Thank you for your time and your great videos

  • Nikki Radcliffe

    Am I the only one who has an army of mice and voles who would eat everything if I had a seed bed? ☹️

  • Niall Gardens

    Great video – particularly love the framed wire mesh for covering the seedbed, I think I’m gonna have to make one or two of those myself!

  • Ally Nicola

    Love the idea of sowing in a bed or container rather than using modules!
    I watched lovely greens video a few days ago on painting plant markers so I rejuvenated some old wooden labels I had.

  • Beverley Moss

    Hi Liz. I remember a video you did about your favourite beans to grow that were also great to dry store. What is the name of this bean please.

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