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Do you know what to do each month when it comes to your Vegetable Garden? I didn’t when I first started to grow food, so here are some tips on things I’ve learned to do in February for the success of your Vegetable Garden. I will be posting a video on this series each month so come back for more tips! My goal is to help you have an abundance of home grown food. *****Check out my NEW WEBSITE – ***** *****Website will include video details on Blog –…vegetable-garden/ Links: 👉🏻 Compost Bin: Videos: 👉🏻What to do in January: 👉🏻Backyard Orchard Pruning: 👉🏻2021 Seeds: 👉🏻Worm Farming: 👉🏻Installing Drip Irrigation: Dormant Fruit Trees: 👉🏻 Grow Organic – Best Wood Types for Gardens: 1. Cedar 2. Cypress 3. Hemlock 4. Ironwood 5. Mahogany 6. Redwood 7. Teak 🌳Beginner Gardener Tips: 🌳Gift Ideas (Fav Gardening Items) – 🌳Favorite Tools: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ✨FOLLOW ME – Instagram @daisygomez.kgks ✨FOLLOW ME – TikTok @daisygomez.kgks 🌳 ABOUT ME: Hi, my name is Daisy. I live in South TX – in a town close to Houston, TX. We are in Zone 9. I am married and have 3 beautiful daughters. 2019 was my first year gardening. We live in a suburban area with a small backyard. I have a backyard high-density orchard with over 30 fruit trees and 11 raised beds we built Feb 2020 for our Vegetable Garden. I hope we can learn together and I can inspire you to live a happier/healthier life! Lets garden together. 👉🏻Business Inquires: 👉🏻Mailing Address: 28610 Hwy 290 Ste F09 Box 210 Cypress, TX 77433 *All Amazon links are affiliated – this supports my channel at no added cost to you*. Thank you for your support! *Music – Epidemic Sound […]

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  • Έξυπνο αγρόκτημα 3 days ago

    Love your garden!

  • Ernie Hatmaker 3 days ago

    I keep forgetting I want to start a worm farm. Lol!

  • Charles Moussa 3 days ago

    nice video and everytime I'll stay waiting for the dance..

  • Life Home and Garden with Ana Rica 3 days ago

    So much awesome info! Thanks a lot, Love your channel and your garden so organized. new sub

  • Cristoliverta 3 days ago

    Im sorry…I loved everything you said. But can we take a moment, "I love those earrings."☺

  • yesenia sanchez 3 days ago

    Yes, I love these videos! My husband and I started buying wood every 2 weeks so when April comes around we can have all the materials to build our beds. If the weather permits us hopefully we can build them in March.

  • KV's Plants & Orchids 3 days ago

    First time seeing your garden, liked it so much
    I have a small garden too
    Hope you will find time to visit me

  • MF Marshall 3 days ago

    Love your videos… your silliness at the end of the videos.

  • Marie 3 days ago

    Thanks for being you and thanks for the awesome tips.

  • Sow Good Gardener 3 days ago

    Daisy, this is some great advice that you’re sharing with us newby’s! As always, I thank you! Calvin

  • Priscilla Sapien 3 days ago

    I'm new to your channel watching from the beginning and Wow! You have made such a nice and peaceful garden.