What to charge for garden services and maintenance uk

Pricing garden maintenance. What to charge for lawn cutting?
In this video, I will be discussing a survival figure, overhead costs, billable and unbillable hours, the pros and cons of fixed pricing versus an hourly rate. How to determine your hourly rate and correct it.
This information has been gathered from my past history and some of the information can also be found at The Landscape Juice Network. The juice is a source of invaluable information and if you are thinking of setting up a gardening business or wish to grow.
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What to charge for garden services and maintenance uk

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  • Robby Mcrobrob

    I worked out my hourly rate at £33.
    I charge £20 per hour for general maintenance but have a lot of grass cuts. These grass cuts, some only take 15 minutes and I charge £15, these kind of jobs bump up my rate overall.
    If customers don't like my price they can find someone who's probably uninsured and unreliable. If I don't like a customer I never hesitate in getting rid of them, there's always someone else.

  • john wignall

    Its not the what you charge thats important, its the type of work you do! I stopped doing domestic work over 20 years ago, say you are billing one person £ 70.00 for the one job. I just work for managing agents, the same size garden could surround a block of flats, with 35 units, they are paying just £2 per visit.

    I decide to put my price up by 20%, that £ 70 goes up to £ 85.00, thats a big jump for a householder, who most likely will say, no thanks thats too expensive, the service charge for each flat, would go up 40p a visit!

    Other benefits, 12 month rolling contracts, and most important guaranteed payments, its a no brainer!

  • mr matrix

    Great video give me a lot to think about I've been working for big grounds maintenance companies for 26 years and after some time off with injuries I'm seriously considering staring out on my own here in Fermanagh and not sure about charging your video has helped me out nice one

  • Ozric Erpman

    I msgd before about me only charging £17:50 per hour . (£20 if it's just one hour ). Because I dont have to take any garden waste away at this price, I use the customers bins . I'm trying to work out whether it's worth me putting hourly up and taking waste.
    Because I do this my customers pay £160 a day for hedge cutting work , and we slowly get rid of the waste over the weeks in their garden bins.
    I live in a flat too , in a busy town so it's very convenient not talking waste in the van.
    Cant work out what's best ??
    I've started pricing other hedge work better , these prices are for my regular customers.
    Any thoughts?

  • uniteallaction

    Wow this is such a great video although I do not do gardening I’m a window cleaner it’s pretty much the same thing.

    I think being self-employed we all need to charge more because as you’ve already stated the customer is more than happy to pay for it, if they’re getting a quality regular service.

  • daniel shepherd

    Charging to little hurts everybody.. exactly. The retired blokes with a lawn mower are fucking the game up for us around here. They’re Happy pottering about for £6 an hour. Sitting on their pension mortgage free baby boomers , pinching my customers while I fight for a mortgage

  • Gavin Waterman

    First week from Monday to Wednesday I have 11 regular customers either on fixed, hourly etc, giving me 2/1/2 days of work. 2nd week 7 customers from Monday to Wednesday on a similar deals, given me 1/1/2 days work, these are customers I have been dealing with for 1 – 3 years. Average of £200 each week in the time frame. That leaves me with the remaining days to go out and do fixed quotes, admin, diary's, erring, marketing, machinery maintenance, chasing up reliable couriers and on the phone or emailing insurance companies. Quotes and negotiations can take up huge amounts of time so it makes sense to charge more. Tax wasn't mentioned in this video and needs to be accounted for. When I try out new products and retail products to sell on, this also takes time to learn. The number of customers I've mentioned, no quotes was carried out over a week. Since investing in better tools, I've condensed time. with the hourly rate customers. I'm still not factoring in pension and saving for retirement as this is old school and I'm studying economics and the banking system. The weather during extreme wet and dry periods can play havoc with your diary, I'm currently reorganizing as I type this comment. The employment law stinks in the UK, so for now I'm referring work to other tradesmen and using freelance occasionally. I think you need a split personality to become a business owner, one minute your a laborer, supervisor, Boss sales person and admin. Time management is a big factor and I do need more help with that, but I'm recognizing as the business grows that I'm going against the tide. Lots of noise and advertising going on preying on businesses to pay for products they don't need. Over time, I see these companies as vultures. You can go insane running your own business and experience euphoric highs and lows in a matters of hours. But when that's a fare better devil to handle than working for an over zealous company or boss which an employee dreads on most days.