Added by on 2016-07-25 What Plants Can Be Grown in an Aquaponic System Nowadays traditional farming is starting to lose ground in favor of the new ways of growing plants. Most people have directed their attention towards hydroponic farming which enables them to grow vegetables in their own house or their garage just using water and some specially designed pots. Yet, the drawback of the hydroponic farming is the fact that you will need to use chemical substances to feed the plants and make them grow normally. This significantly affects the taste and the quality of the crops. With aquaponics this does not happen. Aquaponic relies on the symbiosis between plants and fish. Thus, you can define aquaponics as a mixture of aquaculture and hydroponics, where you get to grow both plants and fish in a perfect interdependence. Because of this, you will never need to use any type of chemical substances, thus resulting into tastier and healthier crops. Only placing a small amount of chemicals in the water will immediately have serious effects on the fish, endangering their lives and you do not want that to happen. You may wonder what type of vegetables are you able to grow using the aquaponic system. Well, you can grow almost any plant you can think of, excluding, of course, the plants whose fruits grow inside the ground, like potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic and so on. Fruity vegetables like cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, squash, okra, pepper, melon; herbs like basil and oregano; different types of beans and peas as well as green leafy vegetables grow very well in this type of system. What will amaze you even more is the great taste your veggies and legumes will have. You will not believe that something so good can be grown in your garage or in your […]

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  • Adilia Hartland 1 year ago

    The great news is you can create your own aquaphonics system although you have no idea about building aquaphonics before.

  • Ingrid A. Sink 1 year ago

    You don't need much  skill about gardening to grow plants and fruits without toxic chemicals with aquaphonics system

  • Aeron Mckeller 1 year ago

    You actually can build your indoor garden that won't require weeding, tilling or cultivating, the spreading of fertilizer or garden compost, with no watering or irrigating; all while your plants yield up to 10 x the amount of veggies than plants from a dirt garden. 

  • Felix Belacan 1 year ago


  • peteandjanis 1 year ago

    So I read the list of things to grow and obviously you can't grow things that are below the surface but I'm confused now cause I've seen some other videos where you grow carrots ! Does it depend on the type of system? Flood and drain ? Thanks for the video

  • aletrodj 1 year ago

    and…? you can grow what?