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your bonsai a ficus, from the foliage it could be a ficus benjamin, or even a ficus retusa; it is an indoor plant, which prefers fairly bright positions, but fears direct sunlight. The evergreen ficus, and therefore the shoots, must be topped throughout the year; if the leaves grow excessively large, the ficus also lends itself to partial defoliation, which stimulates the production of smaller leaves. Pruning is done in late winter or even sometimes in autumn. The soil to be used consists of a part of akadama, mixed with a part of universal soil of excellent quality. Watering is provided only when the soil is dry, but trying to keep it moist enough for a long time, without soaking it excessively. It is an easy plant to grow, which also allows you to make some cultivation mistakes; in fact the ficus are vigorous and germinate quickly even if pruned drastically, and tend to withstand some slight excess of watering, but also short periods of drought. The typical parasite of ficus is the cochineal, which tends to develop especially in a hot and dry climate, and on plants that do not receive proper ventilation. Periodically, about every 10 days, remember to add a small dose of fertilizer for green plants to the watering water.

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what kind of bonsai do i have?

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