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Read more at Follow Big Think here: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Michio Kaku: People often ask me the question, “In the era of AI what jobs and what skills will I need?” Well, first of all let’s take a look at the first era of space exploration the 1960s. There was a crash program back then to miniaturize the transistor. That’s why our astronauts like John Glenn, they’re short people. They were tiny people. The Russian astronauts, they’re also very tiny because they have to fit inside the nose cone of a missile, and we scientists were given the mission to miniaturize transistors as far as possible. Now, as a consequence of that, we have what is called the Internet age today. All the goodies you see in your living room, all the telecommunication wonders of the Internet were in part a consequence of this mass drive to miniaturize transistors, because we were in the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Now, as we enter the second golden era there’s going to be yet another crash program to miniaturize computers even more. This means transistors made out of molecules, quantum computers, a whole new era of computation. So there could be yet another golden age of computer technology emerging because of the emphasis placed on going to Mars with the cheapest, lightest possible object, and this means even more computer power. Then the other question is: “Well, what are the jobs that are going to be there in the future?” Well, first of all I tell people that semiskilled work will be with us for many decades to come, including garbage men, sanitation workers, plumbers, policemen, gardeners, construction workers. You see, robots cannot pick up garbage. Robots cannot design a garden. Robots cannot solve a crime. We […]

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  • astyanx 8 months ago

    Robots upside down and can't get up like a turtle?? Poor Bender

  • SATYAPRAKASH SASMAL 8 months ago

    What happen If all of us will fluent in artificial intelligence technology

    Still there will be the race for power, money, dominance among us and these kinds of behaviour will lead to invention of some other technologies

  • JAY PARMAR 8 months ago

    S H I T

  • ProtonCannon 8 months ago

    Robots are insanely good at pattern recognition, they are literally designed for that, seriously do you even know what you are even talking about?

    No, Mr Kaku go back to being a theoretical physicist instead of pretending to be a sociologist. Zhere will be no jobs in the future, the common man will become an irrelevant and more importantly undesired waste of a society which is reserved for the rich. The rich will ge tricher and the poor will get poorer because the rich will no longer need the poor to do their dirty jobs for them. People will become like rats that live at the outskirts of big cities trying to find a living from the waste that city spews out. It is already happening by the way, just look at the majority of South America and Asia where it is already happening for a generation now.Just 1% live in luxury and 99% live eating mud and dirt. That is the future that awaits society everywhere.

  • John Mista 8 months ago

    I'm starting to come to the opinion that people did not understand what was stated or have a weak grasp on the timeline these various technological branches will need in order to merge into cohesive, reliable, economically viable, commercialized solutions.

  • Poo Guy 8 months ago

    That's why I'll go to uni to study maths, thx MK for not making me change my mind.

  • Krishna Mohan 8 months ago

    Also I have observed this with most experts when they predict the future. They all kind of assume our overall economic activity to grow like it has grown in the last 20 years. But what about climate change? We simply still don't have the least bit idea how complex our whole climate system is. What happens if we slip into a cyclical warming pattern year over year and whatever we do won't be enough to counteract? Worldwide famine or floods will have effect on food prices and poverty. There will be economic turmoil. Growth will simply stall in this worst case scenario. How do people ignore such real possibilities?
    It's like in the game of thrones. We're all discussing GDP growth, AI growth and agriculture and medicine and all these issues and the real big problem is actually hiding behind a wall like the Night King. It's very important to imagine a world that's not in line with our expectations. Throughout history civilizations have perished because they didnot plan for the worst case scenario.

  • Krishna Mohan 8 months ago

    Just 2 months since the video got uploaded, AI is starting to prove Michio wrong in some areas. Wonder what'll happen in 10 or 20 years. It's going to be unimaginable, unbelievable.

  • Krishna Mohan 8 months ago

    Michio: Robots don't have common sense.

    But Sir, most of humanity also doesn't have common sense. So what are we going to do?

  • Sebastian Cardoso 8 months ago

    I love Michio, but these are probably his most misguided and flat out wrong 5 minutes on record.

  • Space Kadebt 8 months ago

    Sigh… So not only did you not give an almost definitive answer. I am 5 minutes closer to not having an answer. Thanks for the rhetoric.

  • Jordan Lusher 8 months ago

    As a future paramedic, I find this video reassuring

  • sanjuansteve 8 months ago

    Computer programming, robotics and organic farming along with everything related to switching to electric vehicles, solar power, etc are all to be much needed in the near future!

  • Supa Dupa Hilton 8 months ago

    Being a shill for Bilderberg apparently.

  • joaquin vega 8 months ago

    you're right, many 4 yeah just 40 years, 2058. then they'll start to do all the stuff. but he's just trying to ease your feelings … i get it.

  • topspinaurelius 8 months ago

    This just show his very limited understanding of nature of work and the AI reach , stick w physics dude

  • Skai Juice 8 months ago

    Robots can pick up garbage…just design it to pick up garbage… Like a huge vacuum

  • priv1leged 8 months ago

    if you can shrink a transistor, you can make a machine learn to recognize objects and fix problems with simple algorithms. this is some kind of stupid and kaku supposedly never heard of object recognition algorithms that can recognize objects in total darkness with high accuracy with the most simple cellphone camera.

  • Majeed Mamah 8 months ago

    The things he's talking about can he done by AI but not by robots.

  • Lightning 8 months ago

    white people are the best people