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Farming without POOP! The myths, the farmers, and the magic. Links and Sources: Animal Deaths by Food Type: List of Nitrogen Fixing Plants: One Degree Organic Foods (DIDN’T PAY ME ANYTHING): Singing Frogs Farms Article: Sustainability on Steroids: Organic Farmer Grosses $100K an Acre Woodleaf Farm: Tulhurst Video: Video Rating: / 5 Pa Mac develops a small, traditional farm from an undeveloped tract of land in the hills of Arkansas. Keep up with the progress by subscribing to the Farm Hand’s Companion channel to keep an eye out for new episodes. (As long as Pa Mac’s alive and kicking, he’s most assuredly farming and filming!) Also be sure and visit to find articles and encouragement for the self-sufficient farm or homestead. In addition to subscribing here to the Farm Hand’s Companion YouTube channel, make sure you also subscribe at to get email updates to the latest farm living articles and posts by Pa Mac. Related PostsDickson Despommier On Vertical FarmingVertical FarmingUS city adopts eco-friendly ‘vertical farming’THESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)Vertical Farming VertiFarmVertical Farming in Kakaako – Kerry Kakazu

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  • charlotte boulogne 1 year ago

    thank you !!

  • Davey du Plessis 1 year ago

    All agriculture is not vegan, irregardless of the usage or exclusion of fertilisers and irrespective of the deaths during harvesting, this is due to the fact that agriculture results in wiping out or manipulating existing ecosystems to replace with non-indigenous domesticated plant species.

    The only 'viable' agriculture methods that are close to being 100% vegan are 1) syntropic farming which eliminates the usage of all fertilizers/pesticides/herbicides and relies solely on pruning of crops to create fertile top soil, but is only 'almost 100%' vegan if it utilises indigenous plant species 2) permaculture that focuses on indigenous plant species can be 'almost 100%' vegan 3) The 'most vegan' option, which proved to be 'viable' for millions of years & for millions of species, is foraging from indigenous ecosystems – which isn't really farming but it is as close to 100% vegan as possible.

    Agriculture is not the primary issue, domestication is. Domestication of both plants and animals is what gave rise to agriculture & is the most destructive impact humans have ever had & continue to have on both pant & animal species.

  • Hakeem The Dream 1 year ago

    Very informative. I am vegan but I also thought that manure was necessary for farming. Thank you for the insight.

  • ॐ 1 year ago

    YAY – finally somebody did a great video about #veganic farming. Thanks so much!

    You forgot to mention … another great source of Nitrogen… URINE!!

    For any home Veganic gardeners, utilizing the amazing-ness of a compost toilet and urine diverters works wonders on the garden. We can recycle all our own minerals (including B12) safely into our own gardens. Yay! Compost toilets are the future!! But Vegan is NOW!!!

  • Evergreen Fern 1 year ago


  • Vincent Smets 1 year ago

    Hey Mic, I recently found your channel and I am going through your videos in a really fast pace. I think this is one of your most interesting ones yet.
    Veganic farming is a new concept to me which sounds promising. I have some questions though:

    -You talk about nitrogin fixing plants for the N input to your crops, what about other macronutrients as P, K, Ca, Mg and several micronutrients ? Can you get them in a sufficient amount as if you would use organic or inorganic manure ?

    -You say veganic farming is profitable and scalable and give some examples. But is the input/output the same as with other fertilizer methods ? Can you get the same or even a better yield/ha in the same time with this method ? Organic farming is critized because this method won't feed 7-9 billion people, won't this method receive the same critics ? (I know if the whole world went vegan we wouldn't need as many farmland as we do now but that isn't going to happen soon).

    If you have info on this and/or know some scientific articles about this I would really apprecieate it if you share them 🙂

    Great channel !

  • love coley 1 year ago

    I am loving ALL your videos, and this one nailed it…!

  • William H 1 year ago

    Another great video Mike. thank you

  • Christoph Schmidt 1 year ago

    Hello Mic !
    I really have to thank you for making this video, since you are having quite a good reach with your clicks and subscribers ! – its exposing alot of this myths and false beliefs out there

    as an organic farmer myself (turned vegan in my farmer apprenticeship, on an organic grain ,goose and cow farm – with own slaughterhouse !), I will have my own "veganic" farm in the near future to make the world a bit better and be a part of positive change ….

    a suggestion from me : you should had also include the big "silent" topic of human "manure", which is a big factor in water waste and pollution and also a BIG waste of nutrients that cant be just wasted away;
    its a big factor to actually close that natural nutrient cycle again

    Thank You !

  • Wholly Maria 1 year ago

    This was so informative – thank you!!

  • RickDaniel 1 year ago

    Hi, Mic. I wanted to know what camera you use for videos. I would like to get into vegan activism and YouTube seems to be a good start. Any help would be wonderful! Also as always, great work.

  • gramoukdoom 1 year ago

    Awesome video man. Subscribed instantly. Had an argument about this topic a while ago when a farmer said you couldn't grow without manure, you have given me some great info. Cheers.

  • Indra Guillory 1 year ago

    this video made me so happy

  • Elizabeth Bass 1 year ago

    So angry at farmer at 2:30. Use clover, yes, but sweet clover is such an awful invasive species. It can destroy a remnant prairie in just a couple years. I wish I could ask him to use a different species.

  • Vegan Stoner 1 year ago

    I wish I had your editing skills, I been using adobe premiere and I got a lot to learn lol.

  • Andrew Aucoin 1 year ago

    FYI Mic, the "Three Sisters" method calls for fish heads in the bottom of the hole.

  • Andrew Aucoin 1 year ago

    been doing so for 5+ years already. I don't buy into the organic certification tho, I don't really care if mr gubament says I am or not.

    …we just call it gardening tho, not "veganic farming"

  • Dieter Schiefen 1 year ago

    I do you duy organic? I like to buy organic but since i found out about the bonemehl that is jused in Organic farming i buy commercial.

  • Kristen1641 1 year ago

    Some farms apparently use human waste from cities

  • Constantine 1 year ago

    man your channel is gold… keep it coming… thanks a ton for what your doing… much love to you.

  • aserta 1 year ago

    It's something to come back to a land where you know someone close down your line built and made or shaped the land before you. I certainly felt something like that after i visited the land my great-great-great grandfather owned.

    So, so many things you notice and wonder at, then, someone in the family who still remembers will point out a detail and another, or a picture will shed light..that's when it all clicks in and you feel at home.

    One day, when i'm older, i'll return there and write my own story. :)

  • Tyler Ellis 1 year ago

    The internet brought me first to Episode 2 of this series and I ended up watching the whole thing through only to bring me back to this first episode – and this "final episode" made me appreciate the whole series so much more. Have you done this for a living all along? Would love to hear more of your story in future episodes (perhaps a draw my life with your black and white drawings???). Anyways just wanted to say thank you for the time and dedication you put in to making these videos great!!

  • Lance Oh 1 year ago

    Loved your videos! You encouraged me to build my own with what I have!

  • Cassian YHVH 1 year ago

    I just re-watched this episode and Pa Mac et al. really came alive for me. Awesome story telling. I was wondering as you were plowing, what are your thoughts on no-till gardening, e.g. Back to Eden type of gardening that Paul Gautchi does? Seems you have plenty of wood chips to make it happen if you had an itchin' to do so.

  • Perma Pen 1 year ago

    Sweet video, and a very interesting series. I LOVE your music composition! Want.

  • Lane Votapka 1 year ago

    Haha this sounds great! I look forward to seeing where you go with it!

  • Owen Parry 1 year ago

    Really wish youtube would allow more than a single thumbs down!

  • Bethany Baldwin 1 year ago

    Been encouraged by what you’ve already done. Taking steps to do it on my own. Help my family of five achieve our dream to sustain the environment and sustain healthy lives for our family and the community.

  • Gary Verderamo 1 year ago

    This would be so much better if it was narrated.

  • Nathan Baldwin 1 year ago

    I have watched your videos for years and they have inspired me and my family to live more responsively. Please help us reach our goal to do our part.

  • Lolita's Garden 1 year ago

    If I didn't have a strong attraction to your views and way of life already, Pa Mac, I took a break from reading your book to re-watch the first video you made and found that it was published on the day that Lolo was born. Blessings, Ian.

  • YourGamerShow 1 year ago

    love love this show! watch the whole thing twice! greetings from El Salvador!

  • Earl Jackson 1 year ago

    Probably the reality we're all searching for. Which in turn teaches us true appreciation. If we could just be greatfull for what we have… we would be filled. It's like hungering for a reference point…… which we lack. Well… I hope this brings us all to that point and we realize how good we really have it.  Please watch……

  • TheGrayman1234 1 year ago

    Slightly bit jealous sir. Good luck.

  • Audrey Long 1 year ago

    Loving the videos as I enjoyed meeting You & the Family at the Arkansas Homesteading Conference in Rison last April.  You're just forever inspiring Pa Mac!

  • Joel Sanford 1 year ago

    I love it all! Just watched all the episodes. Yearning for the next. Really great stuff! Filled with a lot of "doing" .. Great stuff !!

  • Pumptech78 1 year ago

    Thank u sir

  • bruce lowe 1 year ago

    I kept waiting for the video to start. All the text kinda made it like a start of a movie. The sound effect at the start was almost unbearable. 🙁 

  • Pumptech78 1 year ago

    Showing off our New Zealand meat rabbits:

    You are a great American. I hope to learn more from your channel sir