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From droughts to monsoons and extreme weather patterns, climate change may be easy to see and feel, but the issues surrounding it are often far more complex. Global Ideas has come up with a series of films and infographics to answer some of the most pressing problems and explain certain climate concepts and solutions. This time we take a look at what the greenhouse effect is and how it leads to increasing temperatures. We look forward to a lively discussion with you. More information on: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsJeffrey Heller presents at Global Green CitiesGrünes Kreditprogramm in Serbien | Global IdeasVertical greenhouse ideasSimple vertical greenhouse design ideasGlobal Kids HRAP at HSGC Green Roof Campaign Petition Signing 4/25/13VERTICAL GROW WALL IN EFFECT!!

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  • HaFWiT 9 months ago

    Can someone explain something to me? When you add more particles to the atmosphere, it keeps energy within the system, but does that not reflect more energy back out to space? Doesn't insualtion keep energy from going both in and out? I've heard it compared to a coat, but with a coat the warming is from an internal heat source, and a coat can protect you from extreme outside heat as well.

  • Taneesha Wadugodapitiya 9 months ago

    great video

  • Dr Bill 9 months ago

    It is stunning to hear such nonsense continue to be expressed in tones of knowledge and assurance. I suppose a good barker can be told to say whatever is necessary to sell snake oil.

    The only evidence of any merit whatever is that of 0.8K rise/century, for a CO2 increase of 60% in the same time period. Storm frequency/intensity have not changed, the sea is not rising (Vanuatu is sinking, e.g.) and even the correlation does not comport with good physics for a cause: the Earth is not…and not like a greenhouse. As Fourier put it, "it would be a good model, if all the optics of the atmosphere could be maintained and the atmosphere were a solid. But it is not, and the model is wrong.

  • Trevor Nyirenda 9 months ago

    this is good information for biology

  • So the greenhouse effect is good for growing plants in a building but bad for trees in the planet?

  • Joseph Sherman 9 months ago

    give me 3 things about this video GO

  • Sophie the Jedi Knight 9 months ago

    So helpful! Thank you!

  • Felipe Salas 9 months ago

    good explanation

  • Blair Macdonald 9 months ago

    Glass is actually a greenhouse solid: it is – just like CO2 and the other GHGs – transparent to visible light, but absorbs IR (heat) radiation. I'm doing my bit, educating and taking out my windows – are you!?

  • Blair Macdonald 9 months ago

    The real greenhouse effect with respect to CO2 is: you add CO2 into the greenhouse to grow plants faster and bigger.

  • Anthony Nguyen 9 months ago

    If CO2 can block heat from escaping, then why doesn't the CO2 block the heat from penetrating in the first place?

  • Kalimuthu 9 months ago

    Nice video

  • Kalimuthu 9 months ago

    Yes greenhouse effect is important for survival of all living things

  • Pascual Rodriguez 9 months ago

    this is politics not science. same methods were used to dicresit critics of cigarettes many years ago

  • Dima Ziogas 9 months ago

    we must have a huge ego to think that we can effect our weather
    all our gasses all together aren't equal to one wolcanic eruption.
    so all this green house crap is irrelevant

  • Piggle GT 9 months ago

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