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This month, Future Perfect explores some possible solutions to the ever growing demand on our world’s food supplies to provide enough nutrition to all 7 Billion of us and what to do when we continue to grow as a species! Follow us on twitter: – DIckson Despommier – the Vertical Farm – ‘vertical farming is a beautiful interaction, a beautiful way of expressing our technology’ – Dickson Despommier – Definition of vertical farming: any building that grows food inside of it The Pros and Cons of Vertical Farming The Eden Project: Books: The Vertical Farm – Dickson Despommier – Vertical Farming – Gilbert Ellis Bailey – Music: Main theme – ‘View From Above’ (Used with permission) and written/produced by the incredibly talented Koan Sound – Related PostsTHESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)High Tech Agriculture – 9 Billion Mouths to Feed: The Future of Farming (Ep. 4)Oklahoma Agriculture: Past, Present, and Future ::: Kirkpatrick FoundationAmerica’s First Vegan-Certified Vertical Farm Leaps Into the Future of AgricultureFuture of Agriculture: Vertical Farms to Sustainable Aquaculturefuture farming equipment, concept agriculture machinery, modern agriculture equipment compilation

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  • Mohammed Harris Ashraff 1 year ago

    your narration is litttle bit too fast… it's like hearing a normal narration with a speed of 1.5 x normal… but it's a great video and message….. :)