On this week’s Row by Row Garden Show, the guys talk about their garden layout and garden plans for spring — what they’re going to plant, where they’re going to plant it and how much of each they’ll be planting.

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What is the Best Design for a Vegetable Garden?

| Vegetable Gardening | 20 Comments
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  • Mphymel

    Hey guys I've got a bunch of potatoes from last season that went to eyes and sprouted and made big long shoots in the box that I was storing them in if I go to plant those things you think I need a break those shoots off or just go ahead and plant them like they are

  • Grumpyneanderthal

    What is the reasonable range of anticipated production in pounds (assuming good soil and cultural practices) from planting a 100 ft row of Wynne peanuts? Are the seed peanuts shelled or planted in husk? How long can you store them? What pH does the peanut plant favor? Do you dig them like potatoes or can you pull up the plant for harvesting?

  • Chester and Christie Davis

    This is my second year of battling mice in my greenhouse….i keep poison and glue traps out year round but still can't seem to beat them

  • Polecat5150

    Hey Greg, how 'bout a good okra pickling recipe on the next show. I always have so much okra I don't know what to do with it all.

  • John

    I genuinely enjoy listening to you fellas after a long day of Plumbing. Gardening is relaxing and I appreciate the time and info you guys put out for everyone to learn from.

  • Shawn Batchelder

    Another great show boys! Also, received my order from you today. Thanks for packing everything securely and carefully. Much appreciated.

  • Grumpyneanderthal

    I made an Excel spreadsheet template of my garden. Then I can copy it for each season and determine placement and row spacing. Also allows me to keep notes as the season progresses. Will serve as a great reference for future seasons

  • andrew michaud

    Hey guys, great video as always. I looked through your older videos and didn't see any info on asparagus or strawberries. Have you fooled with them much and if so, any tips? Thanks

  • Grumpyneanderthal

    Cut my Taters yesterday. Planting them his weekend. Tilling in crimson clover and getting ground ready for Ambrosia Sweet Corn. Love your seed trays….. peppers, tomatoes, broccoli and Romaine lettuce starts. Great show guys

  • SC Homestead

    We've grown Moon & Stars watermelons in the past but always have trouble determining when they are ripe. They don't seem to have the normal signs like yellowing on the underside. Often the curly ends were going brown but then they weren't ripe. We really want to try them again because they are a good small to medium sized melon. Any suggestions? The last 2 seasons we grew Bradfords, they are really good but too large (some over 40-50 pounds!)

  • George Hallam

    I had mice in the green house too…lol..i dr'd um on up a.few days back…lol….der all fixed up now…excellent videos guys..!!!!

  • seth miller

    Love your show and video tutorials was wondering if you guys could track down some sweet cowhorn pepper seed and start carrying them in your seed line

  • John TenBarge

    You guys talk alot about things your picking this time of year. In southern Indiana its still pretty cold. Just wondering if im can grow things in the winter here. This will be my second year with a garden just looking for some tips. Thanks love the videos and products

  • Eric Viburs

    We did honey select last year. What the raccoons left for us was fantastic…… I was eating raw while picking it was so sweet, you'll love it.

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