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Today we head to the shopping district, learn about the new Truly Bedrock Currency and build our animal farm! Join me as I play vanilla Minecraft alongside several other awesome content creators! Just having fun together, surviving and thriving! Truly Bedrock Website! ▶Join my Discord! ————————————————————— ☛ Members: ►Silentwisperer:… ►Gruva: ►FoxyNotail: ►RogueFox: ►Prowl: ►SlackLizard: ►ZloYxp: ►DB: ►TNC Cuban: ►Lyarrah: ►Tizztom: ►Blujaygames: ►Bjaydubya: ►Zap113: Truly Bedrock is a private multiplayer realm. ——————————————————————————— ▶Follow me on Twitter! ☛ ▶ Join my Patreon Server! ☛ ————————————————————————————– ▼LINKS!▼ ▶DaphneElaine’s Resource Pack [3-24-19] BEDROCK Only – ▶Zip Folder [Java Users]- ▶ SINGLE PLAYER WORLD DOWNLOAD (1.8) [12-2-18] – ▶ RESOURCE PACK [12-2-18] – ▶ Edis Shaders W10/PE – ▶JermsyBoy Resource Pack (Bedrock Edition) –… ▶Single Player WORLD SEED: -738961798 ▶SINGLE Player Ravine Base Coordinates ☛ 938, 48, -141 ▶DAPHNE’S OLD RESOURCE PACK [6-19-18] –… ▼More Videos!▼ ▶ Survival Let’s Play S3 Playlist: ▶ 60 Second Decorating Playlist: ▶ Tutorials and SpeedsBuilds Playlist: ———————————————— Production Music courtesy of: ▶Dj Quads: ▶C418 ▶Epidemic Sound: ▶Kevin MacLeod: Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license:… #Minecraft #TrulyBedrock #SMP Related PostsGrass Roof House Tutorial | Minecraft Pocket EditionThe Itsy Farm Barn Gets a New RoofOld Barn Gets New Roof Time-LapseHow Long Can I Live In Someone's Roof Before They Notice? | Minecraft Home Invasion E2Minecraft 15-Minute Builds: Roof DesignsOld-fashioned Pole Barn, Pt 4 – Framing the Roof – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 9

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  • Wolf Keeper 11 months ago

    Love the vids

  • ZloyXP 11 months ago

    Money can be exchanged for goods and services

  • RobKcmo 11 months ago

    I'm version 1.15 chickens can't jump over the trapdoors? I think

  • RobKcmo 11 months ago

    I'm using a similar Celtic concept what's underground houses and barns and stuff for some reason YouTube having problems with my upload so I won't get to post anyway I might stream it though I'd like to do a skara Brae type thing but that might be too big of a scale for console oh the pain LOL

  • RobKcmo 11 months ago

    It's a hobbit Barn! LOL offer you could put porches under Green carpet along the edges to hide them if that still works

  • TheSnackOfPacks 11 months ago

    Awesome build

  • TigerPlays 11 months ago

    dang I am so very late, but the barn looks pretty beautiful

  • bry moore 11 months ago

    Please put the undying away. Its clogging up the screen

  • Thelameist guy 11 months ago


  • PhantomScarX 11 months ago

    Love the videos you make l, it so inspirational. 😀

  • Hoot Owl 11 months ago

    Very creative barn design! Really enjoyed the episode and looking forward to the next one! Take care.

  • Justin Peña 11 months ago

    Hello new to the channel, I loved your content and subscribed! How do you make your game smooth? Mine is very laggy…

  • gameplay 1444 11 months ago

    It should

  • gameplay 1444 11 months ago

    I should called minecraft not truly bedrock sorry for saying

  • Mason Ponder 11 months ago

    Love the build videos!!! The music in you’re video, I love it so much!!! I love the artist DJ Quads!!! Which song is you’re favorite? I love missing someone By DJ Quads!!! I hope you had a great day? Take care!!! ❤️

  • The Bedrock Miner 11 months ago