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Need a medium that aerates your root zones? Perlite might be for you. (Read more: Hydroponics growers usually look for a growing medium that fits in their equipment (media beds, Bato buckets, ZipGrow Towers, etc.), that’s easy to handle, affordable, and if possible, pH neutral and sterile. Today, we’re looking at perlite, a lightweight medium-sized particle made from perlite ore. The substrate creates air pores and even holds oxygen that the plant roots can use, making it a wonderful addition to any substrate that may compact. It can also be used as a primary medium; many Bato bucket (Dutch bucket) growers use perlite as the primary medium for growing tomatoes. The biggest cons of using perlite are that it can’t be used with fish and the dust can be dangerous if inhaled. Finally, while perlite is more coarse than a substrate like sand, it is still granular enough that solids loading and even plant roots can cause clogging. Our conclusion? Perlite is best for hydroponicists who are using a container to grow (like buckets or beds), need only a small to moderate amount of the substrate, have clean and clear solution, and need something oxygen-friendly. If that’s you, it’s time to start using perlite. Like this video? Check out our other playlists on hydroponics and growing materials. —————– Timestamps/What’s Covered: 00:15 – How is Perlite made? 00:34 – What is Perlite? 1:10 – Water & air holding capacity 1:39 – Is Perlite renewable? 2:18 – Pros of Perlite 3:21 – Cons of Perlite —————– Connect with Bright Agrotech: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: —————– Music by: Scott Gratton… Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWhat Is Clay Balls – Its Role In Hydroponics Gardening – Its Pros And ConsPros & Cons of the Black Plastic Used […]

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  • Beekeepers 6 months ago

    Best explanation ever
    thank you

  • Kingston Lockett 6 months ago

    Hello. I use perlite on top of my canna bulbs when I store them for the winter. Is it ok to reuse it for several years for the same use? Thanks!

  • Moh Lateef 6 months ago

    hi sir perlite is a stone how i get this stoon i am from kashmir india please tell me iam great full to you

  • llalit1 6 months ago

    Can i use perlite in base of pot, i plan to plant bellpepper

  • bobochahca 6 months ago

    Hello! Thank you for the great video! you mentioned that you used perlite mixed with vermiculite, may I know whats the ratio?
    I'm finding the best way to grow succulents hydroponically so I'm really leaning towards perlite but am afraid it doesn't hold enough water.

  • Annuradha Vyas 6 months ago

    Thank you from India! Was really foxed by perlite, a relatively new addition in home gardens in my part of the world. Cannot get to your blog…..?? Please send me the link.

  • Thabang Tukule 6 months ago

    can i use Rockwool

  • Thabang Tukule 6 months ago

    thanks i was about to use it in aquraponics

  • David J 6 months ago

    why is breathing the perlite dust bad for you?

  • Scott Edmonds 6 months ago

    Thank you this explain a lot to people in my Desert Rose group keep them coming

  • Various Curious 6 months ago

    Another con is it is small enough to get into pumps and destroy the impeller.

  • askiro jaro 6 months ago

    what is the best way to rinse perlite?

  • Wright Aquaponics and Ranch 6 months ago

    Always great information! Thank you Nate!

  • Vaughn Malecki 6 months ago

    What about rock dust in aquaponics?

  • Walt Strzelewicz 6 months ago

    Nice video and info. What's your take on pumice for use in potting mixes and hydro