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I Need Your Help: (Please Support) – In memory of Mr Wizard, we give you this moment of science: what is hydroponics? Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAeroponics vs Hydroponics | Streamlined Guide for BeginnersNew Deep Water / Aeroponics / Kratkyish Hydroponics System – Part TwoRushi Aeroponics Farm (#VerticalFarm, # AeroponicsFarm, #Hydroponics, #UrbanFarms, #IndoorFarms)DIY Aeroponics Hydroponics SystemAeroponics vs Hydroponics – Which is better? [2020]New Deep Water / Aeroponics / Kratkyish Hydroponics System – Part Three

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  • Anne M. Chaney 4 years ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is that you have to pay for "plant food" or nutrition and supplements that are pricey.

  • Phima Bina 4 years ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is that you will need to buy "plant food" or nutrition and supplements which are more costly.

  • Baum Olive J. 4 years ago

    Thanks for your video.
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  • Liam Duff 4 years ago

    Ouch… If I recall correctly, Your married you were sayin? Right off the bat I can see 10 things you might ought'ta consider brushing up on, B4 you make any more videos. I'll give ya A few… No more Burger King, & Dude, when was the last time U broke Ur wife off? Oh, & exercise, maybe? Have some kids!?! Youd probly be a good Dad. But stop making videos…

  • CristinaMaeble1267 4 years ago

    crap vid. not helpfull, not entertaining. why do i care about your childhood, life, favorite cartoon, or how much you like science etc… get to the point

  • arakenne1 4 years ago

    better be heirloom, bro.

  • studentoflife01 4 years ago

    How the fuck did you get 58000 views and only 50 votes what the fuck? HACK!!!

  • Ginsekushirokiba 4 years ago

    I think my favorite part is at 0:49 where the someone in the chat video starts asking about anal toys

  • doyouseewhatisee2010 4 years ago


  • Jason Stryker 4 years ago

    f ur vid, to slow get to the point.

  • xwarmangle 4 years ago

    The domes are to keep the moisture in the seedlings, not for shielding them from light.

  • palui 4 years ago

    growing pot, eh? hey, why else would some cat like you want to grow some plants inside your house? why don't you just learn how to grow plants organically without chemical fertilizers? you're just force feeding your plants this way. there's no microbe interaction, no michorizae, no nothing. and why are you making such a big deal about the plants not touching the soil? that may be the future if we destroy the surface of the planet, but otherwise this is just lame.

  • DekraDaFurry 4 years ago

    whats the point if you cant work mc donalds food?

  • Corey Booth 4 years ago

    check out my vids on how to make your own hydro system; easiest set up to build and maintain.

  • FORCETHETRUTH 4 years ago


  • capo di tutti capi 4 years ago

    mr wizard smoked bud, a freind of mines father used to sell it to him!

  • gigman7 4 years ago

    Because it's a good way to get started and learn. You're not going to try and feed your family with it.

  • Jammo Raby 4 years ago

    where can i get one in australia?

  • cagronomy 4 years ago

    You do realize that there are people chatting about random things underneath you right…?

  • irulepandorasbox 4 years ago

    jesus christ man. stfu. quit talking so much.