What is a hydroponic garden?
In a hyroponic garden one can grow plants, herbs and vegetables without soil. ‘Hydro’ is the greek word for water and ‘ponos’ means work, therefore in a hydroponic garden the water delivers all the nutrients to the roots of the plants. In soil gardening, the plant roots have to extract nutrients from the soil whereas in hydroponic gardening all the nutrients are dissolved in water so it is easy for the plant roots to access all the nutrients.
Best Plants to Grow in a Hydroponic System
• Herbs like basil, chives, cilantro, rosemary, parsley and thyme grow well in a hydroponic garden.
• Vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, spinach and cabbage are most suitable for a hydroponic garden.
The main principle on which a hydroponic garden works is to provide the plants exactly what they need and when they need it. Some of the equipments that are required to set a hydroponic garden at home is
• A DIY hydroponics kit for the home is readily available on different online platforms.
• Grow lights are required to stimulate the process of photosynthesis.
• A pH test kit is required to check the pH value of the nutrient solution.
• The plants need a growing medium or soil substitute like peat moss, coir (coconut fiber), aged bark, clay pebbles or perlite.
Types of Hydroponic systems
The most popular type of hydroponic systems are
• A deepwater culture system or hydoponic raft system is very popular where the roots of the plants are immersed in a container full of mineral-rich nutrients solution.
• In the aeroponic system the roots of the plants are exposed and the nutrient solution is sprayed in the form of mist.
• Another system includes a drip method system which is used to slowly feed nutrients to the plants.
Advantages of a Hydroponic Garden
• Since a hydroponic system does not take too much of space, the plants can grow in the indoors, in the balcony or even on the kitchen countertops.
• Unlike traditional gardens, a hydroponic garden requires less water.
• In a hydroponic garden, the plants grow faster in comparison to plants growing in the ground.
• A hydroponic garden is safe from soil borne diseases or pests.
• The plants of a hydroponic garden grow faster because their roots can access all the nutrients directly. Additionally the growth of plants is not dependent on the external weather.
Disadvantages of a Hydroponic Garden
• Plants grown in soil can be left on its own for days or weeks but hydroponic plants are dependent on us for their nutrition so they will die quickly if proper care is not taken.
• A lot of equipments, knowledge and expertise will be required to set up a full-fledged hydroponic garden at home.
• A hydroponic garden is dependent on water and electricity so if there is a power cut for a long period of time then the plants may not survive.

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