Today I wanted to share what was growing in my mini greenhouse and the Greenstalk Vertical planter and the Hoss Tool starter tray. These items work great together.
ABBA Mini Greenhouse:

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What is Growing/ Mini Greenhouse/ Greenstalk Vertical Planter

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  • Freedom Acres

    Love it!! We’re getting our GreenStalk going today. Can’t wait to see it looking as awesome as yours!!

  • HootOwl Holler

    You are a talented gardener, for sure! Love the green house. How many canning jars did you empty thru the winter??

  • _ThatChick Chris

    I was just looking at some mini greenhouses earlier this evening. I think I may get one soon. We’re still snow covered in NH so it’d be a while before I used it. Would sure help me out.

  • Linda Kiel

    The Greenstalk holds quit a bit of veg. in a small space! I want to plant my seeds but I'm going to wait a few more weeks to make sure we are done with cold weather. Normally I plant around the end of April or early May. Watched the video of you harvesting and canning carrots and feel jealous of the south's warm weather and year round gardens!

  • Jackie Wolfe

    Thanks for the green stalk update. I ordered a 5 tier and have it filled with the potting soil but it's still too early to plant here in Iowa. I'm so excited to get it started. I'm planning to put strawberries in the top 3 and fill in the bottom 2 with jalapeno peppers, green onions, dill and maybe some carrots. 🙂

  • Treva Powell

    All baby sister that is so beautiful and I know but strawberries going to look gorgeous I'm thinking about buying the tent terracotta and all and that little mini I have a little mini Greenhouse we had to add the plastic but I would like to get one on your link from Amazon cuz I buy a lot of things from there but this is the most practical way to grow and I do container garden so thank you for showing us all these great items I really appreciate it. God bless you and Danny

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