Added by on 2018-10-18 presents : What is Germination of Seed? Germination is the growth of an embryonic plant contained within a seed; it results in the formation of the seedling. Steps in Seed Germination – The seed coat splits. – A tiny root grows downwards and a shoot grows upwards. – This produces a seedling of a plant, which ultimately grows into a new plant. – After some time, the plant bears flowers. The flowers produce fruits and the fruits have in them. – All seeds can germinate when sown in moist soil under suitable conditions, to produce new plants. – By natural or man-made processes, these seeds are sown into the ground again and that is how new plants are born. Learn more about germination at: For more fun learning videos and educational articles visit: Follow Mocomi Kids – Top educational website for kids, on Facebook on Twitter on Pinterest on Google+ on LinkedIn Related PostsScience – Seed Germination Animation (From seed to plant) – EnglishScience – Germination Of Seed – HindiPlants Grow From Seeds | Germination | Science For Kids | Grade 1 | PeriwinkleFunvention Garden Drip Irrigation Kit – DIY Science Educational Toy for KidsFunvention Garden Drip Irrigation Kit – DIY Science Educational Toy for Kids – TrailerBest Educational Science Toy for Kids: Bug Catcher Kit

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    gosh this video was awesome!!! thankyou soooo much! 🙂

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    Glory to God, in Jesus' name ♡

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    I like because this video help to know about germination to my child it is so easy to know about gernination

  • Lovely Kyip! 4 weeks ago

    Hey, why didn't you mention seeds need water as well?

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    Hi Achyl Isme. The sound you are hearing is from the video. From now on (We have been practicing this for a while now) all videos will come with a voice over, explain each of them.

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    some of your old video did't have reader voice. Is it from my computer or your video