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Grow Bag Garden Systems Has What You Need To Get Started Today! The Largest Selection Of Root Pouch Grow Bags, Pond Liners, Net Cups, Kerick Float Valves And Also Complete Rain Gutter Grow System And Hybrid Kiddie Pool Kits! A Complete Line Of Gro-Matic Totally Self Watering Deck And Patio Planters! So Get Started Today And Grow Baby Grow! Thanks So Much For Watching The Video! See All My Most Popular Video’s By Category On Pinterest! We can really help you if you come over and join our Facebook Rain Gutter Grow System Group Page! Then we can answer any and all questions that you might have! Thanks! Related PostsVegetable Gardening FOREVER 'Make Routine EASY' Container Gardening Harvest Watering Growing CookingContainer Gardening with KidsBenefits of Container GardeningContainer Garden TIPS Vegetable Gardening on Deck Patio Watermelon Herbs Tomatoes Totes & Pot PlantsHow Do I Start a Container Herb Garden? | Gardening Basics w/ William MossPlants for the Pandemic – Vegetable Gardening Under Quarantine | Container Gardening

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  • Fish Reaper 4 years ago

    Can i use old T-shirts insted of landscaping fabric if i make them by myself??

  • Commercial Mortgage Mark 4 years ago

    Great video.
    psl join my Mushroom/Hydroponic Vegetable Growers Forum on google plus
    hydroponic techniques, hydroponic equipment, mushroom cultivation, growing vegetables, hydroponic vegetables, hydroponic straw berries
    Have you grown any mushrooms? I was thinking about growing mushrooms commercially for profit.?

  • cheezmo722 4 years ago

    The way this guy says, "ruts" is killing me?

  • This Is 4 years ago


  • Panda Bear 4 years ago

    Very smart!?

  • AlbertLloydy 4 years ago


  • Lauren Anon 4 years ago

    Wow, Larry there is more to you than meets the eye.The air pruning pots are great! I do that with all my pots.?

  • I ADAMS 4 years ago

    thanks this is great?

  • Scott Williams 4 years ago

    I tried a few of your methods including walmart bags, walmart bags stuck in a 5 gallon lowes bucket with giant holes drilled in it, and lowes buckets with holes in it. So far the walmart bags by themselves are better. The bags in the lowes container are growing okay but the stems are thinner and they seem to dry out even faster i.e. the plants are wilted more. The lowes buckets by themselves did not work well at all. A couple months ago I put a sweet 100 tomato plant in a walmart bag and put that bag in a smaller half barrel like container(was $6 at lowes) to help keep it sturdier. The barrel only covers the bottom half of the bag so the bag gets more air circulation and the plant is growing great. Finally, I ordered those smart pots and plant a better bush in a 15 gallon smart pot and another better bush in a 15 gallon wide plastic container with holes. The smart pot tomato plant is now 3 times the size of the other. Thanks for your videos as the air pruning you taught has been incredible. My plants are growing to the top of 10 foot poles where I have to pinch them off so who knows how high they could really get.?

  • Neonia Hazelwood 4 years ago

    I transplanted my philodentron house plant and placed stakes in the bottom of the container. I pray that it will grow healthy and climb.?

  • LoniYoni 4 years ago

    ? i?container gardening.but I'm not so successful at it. I try?

  • Donald J Trump 4 years ago

    FUCK ME. THIS IS THE WAY TO GO. I've been doing it wrong all my life..DAMN IT.?

  • Believe 4 years ago

    did you put any holes in the walmart bags? I have them on a balcony. Do you have to put something under it to water from the bottom if you have a balcony? Thank you.?

  • xxx52bmo43 4 years ago

    makes sense to me.

  • RickKennedyFilms 4 years ago

    Thanks Larry love the info I am still learning, I think I will try like a laundry basket 🙂 put some landscaping down in it…?

  • SomebodyYouDontKnow 4 years ago

    What's a rut??

  • Philip 4 years ago

    Would burlap bags do the trick??