Added by on 2018-07-29 Halifax Hydroponics | What Is Aeroponics Halifax Hydroponics, What is Aeroponics offers the benefit of producing substantial plant growth in crops without the use of a great deal of water, a common requirement of hydroponic gardening systems. The plant roots are not submerged in nutrient solution. Instead, with aeroponics, the solution is sprayed lightly, using mister nozzles, over the roots of the plants. The benefits are two-fold: Firstly… much less water is needed to succeed with this form of gardening than would typically be used in most types of hydroponics; and second, because the roots are exposed to oxygen, they can more easily absorb it, which promotes quick, disease-free plant growth. The plants roots are suspended in the air, rather than submerged in a solution. The crown, stems and leaves of the plant sit on a supporting structure. The roots dangle in the air beneath the supporting mechanism. The roots, hanging beneath the support, get intermittently sprayed or misted with nutrient solution. The size of the water drops that are emitted through the sprayer are highly regulated, because water drop size affects plant growth. The advantage of aeroponic gardening over many other types of hydroponic gardening is that you use less water and energy to produce the same (or even a greater) amount of food or flowers. Halifax Hydroponics | What is Aeroponics Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWhy is clogging an issue in aeroponics?Hydroponics Systems: AeroponicsAeroponics vertical farm – Animation 3dHydroponics and Aeroponics SystemAdvantages of Aeroponics Systems over Hydroponic SystemsHydroponics growing system: How to build a DIY Aeroponics growing system for indoor growing.


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