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Adam Henson travels to the USA to learn about what intensive dairy and pig farming means — for the animals and for the environment. (BBC Countryfile. October 24, 2010 s23e08) Video Rating: / 5 Welcome to the World of Growing Food without Soil Using Hi End Technology Advantages of Soilless Farming 1. Soilless agriculture does not require the use of toxic chemicals. Unlike soil-based agriculture, where farmers have to use fertilizers to increase crop yield and spray pesticides to keep weeds and pests away, crops are somewhat protected from pests and weeds. 2. Soilless agriculture is ideal in urban areas where space is too limited for soil-based gardens. 3. Nutrient and growing media loss is significantly reduced with soilless cultivation because the nutrient requirements for crops are determined in advance. 4. Soilless cultivation is believed to cause less pollution. 5. Compared to soil cultivation, the yields from soilless cultivation are significantly higher as a result of intensive practices and the possibilities of continuous, year-round production. Disadvantages of Soilless Farming 1. Crops cultivated using this approach is more prone to pathogen attacks as a result of high moisture levels. 2. Aeroponics is particularly susceptible to power outages. Reliable backup power is a must in Aeroponics. Vision To produce 1% of the world’s food requirement, through our suregrow systems. Mission To pioneer state of the art soilless farming systems which grow quality food at relatively low costs. Background The Indian farmer is not confident about his profession. Wrong practices which affect the quality and quantity of food grown have been and are the order of the day. Food next to water is the most important requirement to humans. This makes it imperative that thorough bred professionals handle this and they are empowered with the right infrastructure offering total control over producing quality […]

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  • Tanya Knight 4 months ago

    This is wrong, wrong wrong. We do not need meat or dairy in our diets

  • shilpa shah 4 months ago

    V humans are turning demons eating everthg5 day will come v will eat each other

  • shilpa shah 4 months ago

    Nothg only profit catch the animal torture illtreat take away n kill her make calf inject for more milk n fertilization then again if not in use sell it in huge machinery he'll factories to meat enough this is a human oh sorry huminal using his powerful mind to kill God's creation n ofcourse he gets a long death disese

  • Sunmeet Kaur 4 months ago

    Grow fruits and vegetables for human consumption rather than keeping animals confined in factories. All the diseases that are rampant today high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer are all caused by animal products. Factory farming is the number one contributer for pollution. If you care about the Earth stop eating animal products.

  • RAW Dragon 4 months ago

    End 'Speciesism' >>> Be Vegan

  • Louis and Taylor matton 4 months ago

    Be vegan

  • a cat 4 months ago

    There's a lot of body shaming going on in this comments section, very intolerant.

  • mrsuns10 4 months ago

    How is this about farms yet their playing Streets of Philadelphia in the background

  • Jack Reed 4 months ago

    So awesome dab dab

  • Daniel Roberts 4 months ago

    Came here for the wae

  • Dominc Marsland 4 months ago

    I can here for the cows disappointed

  • 3nR3ub 4 months ago

    Came for the thumbnail

  • Hi, I'm Hot Rod 4 months ago

    I smell vegans. Yum.

  • Hi, I'm Hot Rod 4 months ago

    This is why I'm choosing not to breed. Most people should be doing this. People should stop eating meat, eggs and milk or at least consume less after it if too stubborn to give up meat.

  • Zslot The Gamer 4 months ago

    Oxium Farming

  • mother goose 4 months ago

    It would always be better for everyone and everything to have just a little fresh air and sunshine, maybe some grass and trees and shrubs. Utopia for us all. We are all just animals anyway and we need nature in a meadow still and always. We are shorting ourselves not just the animals. We don't need to. Is there no such thing as nature intensive farming?

  • Glory to Russia 4 months ago


  • Janice Dewdney 4 months ago


  • Dairy Queen 4 months ago

    People in rural areas complaining about the stink are such crybabies. They are looking for any excuse to get rid of a form of agriculture they don't understand and are therefore scared of. I work on a large dairy, I live within 20 minutes of half a dozen CAFOs (less than 5 minutes to three of them), and have been the one in the fields as they spray slurry. It does stink on spray day, that's it, and the smell doesn't carry for miles. If these farms smelled as bad as neighbors claim, you wouldn't see families living right next to their barns.

  • safeer ahmed 4 months ago

    sir how much expnse for this ?for 500 sqft

  • Sanjay Kaushik 4 months ago


  • Tide大潮 4 months ago

    This is the way every hydro'er should go. You know what, I have been thinking something must be wrong when I saw the most prevailing ZipGrow system, til I see your system, I instantly tell me myself, that's it. Congratulations guys, you point out what is the correct way in the dark. By the way, where can I buy the pipe hole covers, or how to make them, especially how you hang them vertically?