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This is an early preview of a work in progress of my new low-pressure aeroponic system. This will be reservoir fed and support multiple growing containers. I can’t say yet how well this will work, if at all, but I’ll post updates on the progress. Parts used so far: – 6″ net bucket lid – – 920 gph submersible pump – – 1/2″ clear tubing – – mini float valve – – 4 gallon icing container – Sam’s Club bakery – 1/2″ grommets – 1/2″ barbed connectors – pond tubing – – 5 gallon bucket – – Spray nozzles – Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to make an inexpensive low-pressure aeroponic system – DIY – New Design – Version 2 – Full Videohydroponic aeroponic system workingHow aeroponic system workingHow to make an inexpensive low-pressure aeroponics systemHow to make an inexpensive low-pressure aeroponics system – Improved version – Part 3How to make an inexpensive low-pressure aeroponics system – Improved version – Part 1

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  • Sean Hall 1 week ago

    Any update on this setup? Very interested!

  • Robb Z 1 week ago

    Nice looking system you have started there. Curious to see how the water return to the tank is going to go. The water going in, under pressure, from the pump, will be higher, but lower volume. I bet it will be just fine and looking forward to seeing it run.

  • James Duong 1 week ago

    Great idea Peter. I’m always learning so much from your videos! Thank you for sharing your work/fun.

  • Jared Mccutcheon 1 week ago

    Super cool idea Peter. I've been kicking some type of recirculating DWC system around in my head, but I like this idea better. I've found that aeroponic systems work awesome.

  • Matt Garver 1 week ago

    Looks like a great DIY sprayponics system. Can't wait to see it up and running with peppers growing this year. Thanks for the mentions, and I am glad to see you posting information for others to learn how to do their own setups.

  • Jim Battaglia 1 week ago

    Nice work and great idea

  • paco ramirez 1 week ago

    want to see it in action , great job

  • Bob Farrell 1 week ago

    Nice work. I have a single bucket system with a pump inside and the same type of spray nozzles which grows various herbs but the pump generates a lot of heat. I like the modular design of your system – will definitely borrow some of your ideas, thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Susan Garza 1 week ago

    Cool stuff Peter! Always looking forward to seeing what you are up to. =)

  • Kenny Beans 1 week ago

    Looks good! Can't wait to see that one in action. Just about setup with your other design. Hopefully will test run it tomorrow and than toss the plants in and see how well it does.