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The Bright Agrotech team was lucky enough to touch base with Johnny’s Selected Seeds at this year’s Indoor Ag-Con. Here’s what Randy had to say about his organization’s excitement around Indoor Ag and some of the new products Johnny’s is working on lately. Thanks for your time, Randy! Find out more about Johnny’s at Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMark Jackson: A personal story about farming and the future of agriculture50 Vertical Garden Ideas That Will Change the Way You Think About GardeningThe Future of Transportation in NJ (2005)Amazing – The Future Of Agriculture: Hydroponic and Vertical FarmingThe Future of AgricultureWe Are the Future of Agriculture – FFA

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  • heavymechanic2 1 year ago

    My first order from Johnny's Seeds was a good experience and I would shop there anytime. Not requesting a printed catalog because I'm a back yard gardener and there is a cost associated to print these materials when the website has plenty of information.