Last week, two #FarmBills which bring in sweeping reforms in India’s agriculture sector were bulldozed through #Parliament. This happened while farmers and Opposition parties were holding widespread protests saying the reforms will be a death knell for India’s agriculture sector.

You’re probably wondering: Are these Farm Bills good or bad? Are the reforms to the agriculture sector proposed by the #ModiGovernment beneficial to farmers, or are they harmful?

Resident Parliament nerd Meghnad S explains what the reforms are all about, and how they will affect farmers.

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In the last half-century, the global production of meat has undergone a seismic shift. While meat was once mostly raised on small farms, today almost all the meat we eat comes from industrialized “factory” farms, known as “concentrated animal feeding operations,” or CAFOs. Animals in CAFOs are often packed closely together, which makes them both efficient and, for many, ethically dubious. But infectious disease experts worry about CAFOs for a different reason: Because they’re also an ideal environment for virus and bacteria mutations that human immune systems have never seen. In other words, they’re a highly likely source for the next pandemic.

You can read more about the pathogen risks in factory farming at

A deeper look at the threat of antibiotic resistant bacteria:

Further reading on how RNA virus reassortment works:

Martha Nelson’s study tracking the origins of the 2009 H1N1 virus:

Read more about the sources of meat produced around the world from the Sentience Institute:

The US Center for Disease Control’s timeline of the H1N1 pandemic:

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What are the Farm Bills and how will they affect farmers? | NL Cheatsheet

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  • Konark Sharma

    I know farmers are concerned but instead of demanding to repeal the whole act but specific amendments should be carried out which is denied by farm leaders.Therefore farm leaders need to be more sensitive to this issue.

  • Aj J
    Sadhguru On How Commercialization Of Agriculture Has Caused Problems In The Past | Mystics Of India
    Has Our Greed Overtaken Us? Sadhguru on Indian Farmers' Plight

    still In india farmer 80% donot have a mobile with free wifi, no transport, no technology like Israeli, no advanced education especially on farming methods, now no MSP??.. who is fooling who ??.. thats why atleast now vote carefully change the centre govt to different party example aam admi party who donot have identity conflict whereas bjp with its discrimination policies now resulted dragging our own Indians on roads by forcing laws rather making it recommandation, who made unemployed many people like in kolkata by shutting down small bussiness like jute mills, and now almost every products are getting imported from china now even drowns? Even i can make a drown if manufacturing unit is provided with materials to make motors, cameras. Remember fools are always confident while wiser is hesitant and when fools become blind then it becomes disaster. We people the business person who is after some money, land and people who are still narrow minded biasing almost on everything a man created to show his superiority by caste, race, class, color, language, etc have no idea that he/she will also die one day and we cannot take away this wealth with us not even our bodies it will taken away by earth itself since we are like dust on this land and nothing in this universe. If this much of sense donot become as common sense to people till that human will keep on fooling themselves and not dreaming big enough to consider every being as his / her own part of creation. Till that ….. so vote carefully people atleast now /|

  • Ren Sin

    At least, to strike a compromise, Govt. need to have a seperate agency to act as a business resource center for the farmers in each state that they can go to; to give them business guidance, teach them business & negotiating skills etc.
    Without that, it's like throwing them out of the ship and they're saying, they don't even know how to swim. Govt. They are the backbone of Indian society, Govt. needs to have understanding, empathy & compromise

  • Ragd0ll

    86% of farmers were screwed before, I don't see the point of restoring the status quo. That's just ensuring that tens of thousands of farmers will die a slow death.

  • Danae Persephone

    Thank you for this valuable information. This is happening all around the world. It is about disapropriation of farmers and humanity at large. And privatisation through coporate business which have no understanding of life or respect of nature or humanity. In Germany government is making so many stipulations that farmers are close to insolvency as they cannot do all the investments the government is asking for. Once farming is stopped in Germany – of course food needs to be imported. This way they can make the world dependent by "owning the food chain" they can "control" humanity. Vandana Shiva has brought this scheme to light and she is a woman of wisdom and foresight as well as fortitude. Thank you and God bless you. May the true people of earth rise in love and truth and may we live in harmony with the sacred planet.

  • sam vik

    So you say that Farm bills are good for nation yet you promote farmer protest. hmm… I wonder why? Is it because Mode doesn't like farmers or will they deliberately choose not to implement it? If the fear is that the govt can meddle with regulations then can't they do it even today??

  • varsha singh

    Pseudo intellectual…they are actually right…you have no idea how to interpret the legal provision…u are not a lawyer afterall…

  • satya chopakatla

    How there will be implanting. Laws r good as per theory. But implementation failed many aspects/issues.
    So my suggestion up to 5 years put tribunals with spl powers within 2 – 3 ?months.
    Once confidence taken place there will be no problems. Anything win – win situation. In most of the cases private companies are being advantages. In these cases farmers suffer.
    It is delicate issue to be planned with the some time to time examine to enable to get succeded.

  • Cristina T

    What about those times when our grand parents had farms and kept lots of animals and there was no pandemic or anything?
    They were healthier than we are now

  • Subramanya Kordale

    8:08 Better for human health? Funny how people who have no knowledge of human health talk about what's good and bad for health. Meat will never be good for human health irrespective of farming method. We are not supposed to consume dead stuff

  • Jess Bakica

    The biggest problem is that convincing money-driven corporations to shut it all down and go home is going to be hard. We couldn't even convict a president that clearly did something wrong. What makes you think that those same lawmakers would change anything here. So sad

  • Ajinkya Naik Gaonkar

    Antibiotic resistance would hit all mankind in coming years. Save this comment when it becomes an actual thing.

  • Shannon Bowen

    Okay so clearly this video being 4 months old tells me someone knew the current outbreak of bird flu would be a thing in 2021.

  • Alldye Black

    We are playing with probabilties she said….
    Little do we know it only took 4 months to become reality…
    Weird,sad,confuse, all my feelings now mix in probability

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