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Todays Topic is in brief on What is a Net pot and What is a Hydroponic System. What are Net Pots? Net pots also termed sometimes as Hydroponic pots, rooter pots, germination pots, are mini plastic pots with a net framework, commonly used in hydroponic gardening, and are used to anchor the plants in the hydroponic system. They can be used with or without a growing medium like cocopeat, soil, neoprene collars, etc. Hydroponic net pots are often reusable and made from rigid plastic mesh to promote drainage and air circulation. Net pots have also been known to optimize root growth and plant development. Because of the holes that are present at all the sides of the pots, plants can easily acquire moisture and nutrients. Many different plants can be grown using net pots in hydroponic systems. What does Hydroponic System mean? Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without using soil (i.e., soil less). This technique instead uses a mineral nutrient solution in a water solvent, allowing the nutrient uptake process to be more efficient than when using soil. There are several types or variations of hydroponics. Hydroponics is suitable for commercial food producers and hobbyist gardeners alike. Hydroponics possesses several advantages over a soil medium. Unlike plants grown in soil, plants grown in a hydroponics system do not need to develop extensive root structures to search for nutrients. It is easier to test and adjust pH levels. In the hydroponics method, plants are raised in an inert and perfectly pH balanced growing medium where the plants only need to expend minimal energy to acquire nutrients from the roots. The energy saved by the roots is better spent on fruit and flower production. Its broadly of 2 types – Active and Passive. An Active hydroponic system moves the nutrient […]

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  • Nektarios Tsintzilonis 1 week ago

    I've been researching into aquaponics and discovered an awesome website at Keiths Ponics Site (google it if you're interested)

  • Polo Purpp 1 week ago


  • Polo Purpp 1 week ago

    What size of netpots were those?

  • Ray John Dulap 1 week ago

    Nice. I'm gonna study it and make my own.

  • Bashers Go To Hell 1 week ago

    Bow do you still do this? I'd like to get in touch if possible. Im building my greenhouse right now and is about 75% done.

  • gltsry04 1 week ago

    can i grow different type of vegetables in one system or do i need different nutrients for every each vegetable. i am planning of doing green house

  • Rey Asentista 1 week ago

    Asa maka palit ani PVC rectangular shape?

  • rav nunal 1 week ago

    hinde ba nagkaroon ng breeding ng lamok sa may tubig level?

  • nesta lubindina 1 week ago

    have u try a kale

  • Chloe Guinto 1 week ago

    How do you grow seedlings on water?

  • hasbul hadi 1 week ago

    How do you deal with the heat?

  • Michael Ed Zalsos 1 week ago

    Ang water po ba may mix?

  • merich anne aguilar 1 week ago

    Asa mo dapit sa cebu mam?

  • Rey Asentista 1 week ago

    ganda ng lettuce and setup.

  • Slo Mo 1 week ago

    how many seeds did you plant per pot? where did you buy your seeds, is it from condor??

  • Daz B 1 week ago

    Hello are you still selling Hydro systems

  • flory mhay marcelo 1 week ago

    hi, nagdedeliver po kau Baguio base po? gusto ko sanang mg avail, ang ganda po kc, at wala po akong mahanap dito sa Baguio ng ganyan po, pls pm me nlng po. thanks

  • Manuel Delos Santos Jr. 1 week ago

    is it snap solution mam your adding in water??

  • Prompt Managers 1 week ago

    ate pwede ba magpaturo sa you ng step by step ng lettuce growing?

  • Joni Koto 1 week ago


  • dan mercado 1 week ago

    hi, are you still into hydroponic farming?

  • 李義 1 week ago

    philippines are wealthy… many of us has our own land to plant