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The state of the home has an effect on children’s behaviour, so Supernanny tells this family what she thinks of their messy house. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos: Official Site: Twitter: Facebook: Welcome to the Supernanny channel, with classic TV show clips and more. We’re here supporting parents dealing with children’s behaviour, sleep, food, potty training and all the other challenges parenthood throws at us. You’ll find practical, down to earth tips and experiences from fellow parents and know that whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone. These no-nonsense, tried-and-tested experiences and advice aim to empower you to be your own parenting expert and help you become more confident at raising your kids your way. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Plant a MESSY GARDEN for Beginners & Kids | EASY GARDENING!Drawing House with Garden for Kids TV | Colouring Page with Colored MarkersWheels On The Bus Learn Colors Rainbow Mad Mattr Peppa Pig Garden House, Pool, Castle Toys for Kidshome drawing for kid Drawing A House With Garden For Kids Subscribe now to PBN Kids TV*** Thank you forHow To Draw and Paint House for kids, Tree In The Garden for Children to Learn ColorsSmoby My House childrens roleplay playhouse kids garden toys UK

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  • Tom Daly 7 months ago

    Are the parents druggies

  • Glen’s Transport Vlogs 7 months ago

    What is the red car driving down the road at 1:19

  • Kyle Buchanan 7 months ago

    They must be really embarrassed having ur house like that on TV

  • alwl89 7 months ago

    never mind Supernanny, they should of drafted in Kim & Aggie to clear the mess up as well! 🙂

  • kavanvoorhis 7 months ago

    "You have stolen a trolley!" Say what now?!

  • Lloyd Johannessen 7 months ago

    Oh wow, that house is MESSY! I can already feel my OCD kicking in.

  • Native Gamer 7 months ago

    Get a better camera

  • H Depp Manson 7 months ago

    My room is a little messy it's got my pens, pencils, papers and books on the floor but how can you cope with it if it's so messy

  • Elizabeth Piang 7 months ago


  • Spishie 7 months ago

    My dad lives like this too. Never cleans anything except dishes. I have no idea how he can stand being in filth and clutter all the time, it's so gross :s

  • Mya Marie Tv 707 7 months ago

    That mans a cheapscate haha he stole the trolley!!!

  • DJ Blue Jay 7 months ago

    Dad: Son clean this junk up
    Me: But the Junk is gone
    Dad: No it's not
    Me: Yeah it is I ate all of it

  • Mark Mier 7 months ago

    3 girls eat chocolate popsicles and 1 boy eats a red, white and blue popsicle

  • elaine croy 7 months ago

    that looks like a trash

  • Papa Smurf 7 months ago

    congrats on 1 million keep it up

  • Luis Viktor Dalisay 7 months ago

    This is what a Butcher's house be like in the countryside

  • Richard Alvarez 7 months ago

    thumbs up if you like cold weather thumbs down if you hate hot weather