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Here are the most frequently asked questions and You Tube Videos concerning: How to Avoid, Prevent, and Stop Foreclosure. Common Terms: FSBO, Sellers, Buyers, Tenant Buyers, Private Lenders, and Self-Directed IRA owners considering funding Real Estate Deals for us… Sponsored by: Mathiesen Capital Investments, Inc. an SEC Registered and Compliant Corporation (since 1972) a Veteran Owned and Operated Company (954) 479-1325 Email: Q: Please explain the Lease Option Purchase Agreement from Seller to Buyer A: We will lease option your home for the loan balance at the time it’s purchased and pay you rent equal to your payment and accept responsibility for all repairs after the first 30 days. We will then find and screen a tenant buyer who will make a financial commitment to lease the home with the option to buy and assign our agreement to them after you approve them. Q: What does this cost me? A: Nothing! You’ll have no expenses until the buyer is ready to get financing and then you may pay some reasonable closing costs. Sometimes the buyer pays all costs. Q: How long must I lease? A: The minimum term if you’re over leveraged is 10 years to give the market time to increase the value and for the debt to decrease to the point the home is no longer over leveraged. This allows the buyer to get a loan to cover the debt without you contributing cash to pay it down. If you owe at or about today’s market value we may shorten the term. Q: When do I start collecting rent? A: One month after we find a tenant buyer you approve and they accept possession of the house. We expect it to take no longer than 30 days after you are ready for us to show the house […]

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