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visit: Easy way to install a rubber roof over gravel roof. 1. Remove big stones and debris. 2. Install a base paper. 3. Install Metal edging over the paper. 4. Clean old roofing material from drain to expose the metal. 5. Install modified Bitumen membrane torch down. 6. Seal around vents and other obstacles. to find out more… visit: We installed hundreds of roofs with this technique in New Canaan, Weston, Greenwich and Ridgefield. Related PostsHow To : Installing a new roof over a Very STEEP ROOF, using roof jacks and a lot of guts!Waterproofing a Flat Roof with Firestone EPDM Rubber Roof MembraneEcoRoof® Rubber Roof ShakesWeston | Mortgage Underwater? | Call (954) 479-1325 | Over Leveraged?How To: Installing GAF Roof Deck Protection & Roofing UnderlaymentInstalling a VerdiRoof green roof from Verdico

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