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This video was from our trip into West Clear Creek from the Cash Tank access, downstream to the Hanging Gardens. We stayed two nights in what is easily the most beautiful section of the canyon. Thanks for watching. Enjoy. Related PostsHanging Gardens, West Clear Creek, Coconino County, AZWest Clear Creek Wilderness – Hanging Gardens – Arizona by 4XPEDITIONThe Gardens at Willow Creek, Prescott, ArizonaSucculent Wall Planter || West Coast GardensWCC White Box & Hanging Gardens 7/3/10.movMake A Miniature Succulent Wall Planter ✽ || West Coast Gardens

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  • IRE JOY 1 year ago

    Bleach ftw!

  • AZ Pathfinders 1 year ago

    The FR for cash tank is roughly 20 miles from the Bull Pen Ranch entrance. I have detailed directions on our website at arizonapathfinders . com. Click on hikes and find West Clear Creek. Read our description of the area, directions for where to enter, and check out the rest of our videos and pictures as well. Hope that helps. Thanks for the comment.

  • Jason Door 1 year ago

    Hello where is cash tank to enter in from? How Far East of bull pen ranch? North or south side of the creek? Thanks for your time