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The third week has proven to be the week with the largest growth. As the time runs down on what we are growing, we are looking at harvesting some greens! Gre… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Take a look at this very inexpensive hydroponics setup. Each bin will yield eight of whatever you grow, or make… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsHydroponic Tomato Experiment Time Lapse – Kratky MethodGrowing Hydroponic Tomatoes Indoors in a Grow Tent Kratky Update 1 Hydroponic Beefsteak TomatoHydroponic Tomato Plant (Sucker) Update – Part 2 KRATKY HYDROPONIC SYSTEM/METHOD.hydroponic gardening how to grow Salvia in Water | kratky method |Indian HydroponicsGrowing Hydroponic Tomatoes Indoors Using the Kratky MethodHow to setup seedling in Hydroponic System (Kratky Method)

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  • MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living 5 years ago

    Week 3 of the hydroponic grow system. You have to see the growth to believe
    it. ?

  • Harry Summer 5 years ago

    good going man, great stuff you have there, but does not it cost too much
    electricity ???

  • HuwsNursery - Grow Organic Produce Inexpensively 5 years ago

    Hey Luke you’ve got some awesome growth there! ?

  • gardening4fun 5 years ago

    so the cuces are going to be kratky as well? looking forward to that.
    Lettuce and kale looking great ?

  • OrganicGardening987 5 years ago

    I don’t know why but i just love the way the roots look! :D?

  • Self Sufficient Me 5 years ago

    Looking swish mate – indoor garden in a business shirt 😉 The salad greens
    are looking great – wow! I agree trying new ways of growing is a good thing
    to do just even to try. Cheers 🙂 ?

  • TheEmptynester 5 years ago

    So happy for you, Luke! You will be eating salad in no time. :)?

  • OldGardenerGuy 5 years ago

    SO what are you using for your nutrient solution. Was it your own mix or
    some store bought product??

  • Sohpia Sophia 5 years ago

    Luke, Hi!
    Why did you decide to do hydroponics (not aquaponics)? ?

  • Matt Compton 5 years ago

    wow great job luke!?

  • Doherty's Kustom Creations 5 years ago

    Another possible thing you might want to invest in is ratcheting light
    adjusters. You can buy them in two packs from amazon which has the best
    deal they are very easy and great to use. Just watch the weight ratings on

  • sha whit 5 years ago

    So exciting, thanks Luke!?

  • silvertopaz72 5 years ago

    Luke the growth on the plants is more then I hour was possible, great

  • bt4b4 5 years ago

    Are you checking your “PH”? If not, u will have issues…..?

  • roblwsn420 5 years ago

    You are a garden master! I learn so much from you. I do not have a
    Hydroponic Set-Up yet! I grow plenty of food during the summer, country

  • PinkChucky15 5 years ago

    That’s so cool, congrats :-)?

  • Patrick Meehan 5 years ago

    Looking good Luke -great growth.?

  • bt4b4 5 years ago

    Do u change ur water? Please tell us more, not just going over the diff
    lettuce…. Thanx?

  • faaodar62 5 years ago

    Luke you keep saying that your kratky setup is non-organic. Is this
    something you choose to do because my kratky set-ups are all organic??

  • Growing Things 5 years ago

    Great job Luke !!!?

  • silvertopaz72 5 years ago


  • faaodar62 5 years ago

    Ok Luke, your killing me here brother. If you are using rain water as your
    source water and OMRI approved organic nutrients why is this not considered
    organic? There are literally thousands of hydroponic growers who use this
    process everyday. I understand that we are not using physical organic
    matter because this is a soilless medium but the process is organic. By the
    way your set up looks great. Maybe I will get the space someday to do
    something similar. ?

  • PREPFORIT 5 years ago

    O M G it happened again .
    I orfered some led grow lights from eb*y and the authorities came to my
    door with the delivery person!
    Of course I still had some carolina reaper peppers growing and some rainbow
    chard. They went through everything. And even damaged my vegie plants 🙁
    Dam right im seeking compensation !
    Oh good info video as always .?

  • Jeffrey Jocsak 5 years ago

    Nice setup. I have the same equipment as you and I was wondering why you
    only use 1/2 the amount of nutrients throughout the whole grow process as
    the container suggests??

  • MrChuckell 5 years ago


  • Snoop Brown 5 years ago

    What kind of lights do you use?

  • Denise Cohen 5 years ago


  • charles chuck 5 years ago


  • Sean Ross 5 years ago

    Hi Ronald, I am looking into growing like this. I notice all of these
    hydroponic setups use a lot of plastic components. Is there any issue with
    the myriad of plastic chemicals in these containers leeching into the water
    and then leeching into the plants? I’m considering a custom built
    stainless steel trough type setup because of this. Maybe I am being
    paranoid, but BPA, PVC, polycarbonate, etc… not sure I want my plants
    drinking that. Maybe you can shed some light on this. Thanks!?

  • Usc529 (Jay) 5 years ago

    Cook man where do I get done buss buckets and did your spinach ever sprout
    I’ve been wondering cause mine been in rockwool cubes and on heat for a
    week and still nothing j/w?

  • Anthony Flores 5 years ago

    How many hours a day are you running your pump? ?

  • RayneSaltair 5 years ago

    I have all these amber medication cups I drill holes in. Just too cheap to
    buy but I will have to watch and see if there are enough holes in them.

  • Linda Kiefer 5 years ago

    If you raise the water level to the bottom of the net pots to start with
    and let the plants grow you don’t need the air stone. It’s called the
    Kratky method. With lettuce, by the time the plants are mature they have
    used up the water and the roots are also at the bottom of the container. A
    set and forget method!?

  • David Kwok 5 years ago

    Hi, it is a very informative video. Would you be able to list the dimension
    of piping and fittings. It will save me many experiementation to get it
    right. cheers?

  • Gideon Gardens 5 years ago

    Nice setup! Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!?

  • SurviveWithMe 5 years ago

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHOWING ME THIS STEP! All the other vids I’ve seen
    either want to show how to build the system, or show what the mature plants
    look like, or they just talk to explain without showing this step. Being
    new to gardening, I was completely lost about how to get started. I even
    lost a bunch of seeds thinking I could grow plants from seed (germinate, I
    guess) right in the system.?

  • mohamed abdo 5 years ago

    do I have to let the pump working all the time,if yes so it will cost me a

  • GrowBro Hydroponics 5 years ago

    good set up?

  • HylianSpirit 5 years ago

    How much do these yield per harvest, and is it complicated keeping a
    harvest cycle going so that you have access to fresh greens whenever??

  • Tony Insua 5 years ago

    Hi, is there a specific reason the trays are spaced out so far apart and
    evenly? You have 8 on the unit. Could you not fit more plants on your
    hydroponic system? Thanks in advance.?

  • David Williams 5 years ago

    Very good vid!?

  • Shawn McPeak 5 years ago

    This is the first time I have seen the root plugs, where do you obtain
    those. Thanks?

  • nikonmother 5 years ago

    You kept me in greens all winter! Thankyou so much!?

  • Indoor Harvest Gardens 5 years ago

    Awesome, we sell them on our website if you want one already setup.

  • OmarReyes1 5 years ago

    What direction (north, south, east, west) window should I place them? I
    have been thinking about purchasing a grow light but I’m not sure which one
    to purchase. Do you have any recommendations (possibly one in the $50-$70

  • OmarReyes1 5 years ago

    Amazing! I would really want to do this but how much electricity does this

  • Usc529 (Jay) 5 years ago

    where did you get the bus tubs and the rock wool seed starter flat

  • Roc327 5 years ago

    How often do you have to add the nutrients back into the water?