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Some truly amazing growth so far on the hydroponic cucumbers! What is even more impressive is the hydroponic mixed bed that is just growing at light speed. Enjoy and remember to rate and … Related Postshydroponic tomato “back 40” week 2-3 updateBasement Hydroponic Tower Garden Version 2.0 9 Week UpdateWeek 3 Hydroponic Update – Kratky Method – HUGE growthHydroponic Growing System Update | Greenjoy Hydroponics SystemBall Mason Jar Herb Garden Kit 2 Week UpdateUPDATE on our RDWC Hydroponic system

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  • sha whit 5 years ago

    Thanks Luke. You and Sindi are doing a great job. The eating healthy and
    making your own food without the preservatives and additives, the GMO’s and
    high fructose corn syrups. Most people don’t know that most beets used to
    make sugar are gmo’s and most corn and soybeans are gmo’s. Most people
    don’t know that they don’t have to use synthetic pesticides. I would like
    to see you do a series on organic pesticides in the way of perennial and
    annuals that deter bad bugs from the garden…There are also herbs that
    deter bad insects. Hope to see you do an extensive study on those. how to
    grow them, why they work. Thanks again guys.?

  • Gardening Tips With Phil 5 years ago

    Great update Luke, great to see how successful your Kratky method is. I
    have a commercial model salad green grower that I thought was sub standard
    but it obviously uses the Kratky method so I will definitely have to
    resurrect it. I have a very sunny window spot in my dining room and have
    successfully started seeds there so it should work in that area.?

  • LARK'S GARDENS 5 years ago

    Really nice for only 3 weeks. The greens look GORGEOUS! With the
    cucumbers what are you going to do with them when they get bigger? You
    can’t plant them outside until May/June depending on our zone 5 temps,
    right? I forgot, maybe you have a heated greenhouse. Look forward to your

  • 628DirtRooster 5 years ago

    Impressive results so far.?

  • Patrick Meehan 5 years ago

    Unbelievable mixed green Luke. Crispy basil. Success is always good to see.
    I look forward to watching more of your videos. We learn alot from you.?

  • Kwinly412 5 years ago

    MIG, Are you using air stones in the reservoirs? If not you should get some.
    Your plants roots need all the oxygen they can get.
    There looking good :)?

  • MrMrjones333 5 years ago

    Great video, thanks for sharing.
    Question…what kind of fertilizers do you use in the water ??

  • ImMADasAMeatAxe 5 years ago

    trust me.. hydroponics is so much more sensible so much easier than
    aquaponics.. i just lost about 100 trout today in a 110 plus fahrenheight /
    40 centigrade heatwave.. not cool.. hydroponics is always fine.. stick to
    hydroponics man stick to hydroponics.. so much easier than aquaponics..
    aquaponics has far too much risk.. stick to hydroponics man.. so much
    easier.. some fish live on a razors edge?

  • The Tennessee Gardener 5 years ago

    Nice work as usual, Luke! You continue to inspire. ?

  • HookTheBag 5 years ago


  • checkoutsocal 5 years ago

    Can I take my Hydo and plant them outside in the Spring??

  • youwhobaby 5 years ago

    I see what you’re saying?

  • MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living 5 years ago
  • Growing Things 5 years ago