| Weeds taking over your garden? Watch Bill Harpole of National Garden Wholesale show you the benefits of growing a fabulous, weed-free hydroponic vegetable garden, right in your own backyard! This video is brought to by the good folks at!

Weed-Free Outdoor Hydroponic Gardening

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  • Jack Mojo

    Everyone give this guy below a thumbs up, because he is right! no cannabis in this video..

    This method is not new to a loot of people

  • Cakes Downey

    pump squirts the nutrient water through hoses to the plants.

    pump turns off/on because there is a timer plugged inbetween it and the wall socket.

    timer-hardware/home stores
    pump-fish/pond/swamp cooler/pool supply

  • Cakes Downey

    he said the pump kicks on every 30 minutes. so, the pump is feeding that nutrient water every half hour.

    he said he keeps his reservoir full by using the float system. u can see one of those if u look in the back of ur toilet.

    so, in that reservoir is the nutrient water.

    the reservoir has a pump connected to it. maybe a tube connects it or else sometimes it is a "submersible" pump.

  • Chris Arrieta

    seems like your still using soil!!! go DWC far more portable… and hella room for your roots structure… i should start aeroponics hehe!!

  • Robert Monroe

    fantastic, This is what utube should be about, excellent, thankyou, I wil be keeping my eye on your future posts

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