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On April 11th, 2019, we broadcasted a live webinar detailing our new container farm, the Greenery. Our conversation included: An introduction of Freight Farms & container farming A detailed overview of the Greenery An in-depth conversation about the impact the Greenery will have on yields, efficiency, and control A live Q&A with our audience members Related PostsInside a Shipping Container Vertical Hydroponic FarmFreight Container Vertical Hydroponic Farm (Better Fresh Farms, Guyton GA)!!!Giant Vertical Indoor Hydroponic Farm to Start ProductionInside a HYDROPONIC SHIPPING CONTAINER Farm!DIY Best Vertical A-Frame Hydroponic Garden Farm BuildHydroponic vertical gardening & window farm review.

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  • Geoffrey Cummings 10 months ago

    this is part of the path forward…i am working with veterans' and their families in Central New York and am interested in helping them find small businesses that work. thanks