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We found GOLD! Panning for gold kit! Kids show how to pan for real gold! Time For Toys! Be kind and SUBSCRIBE for more Babyteeth4 ► Watch the latest from Babyteeth4 ► ~! Follow Us On Social !~ Official Merch Site: IG: @babyteeth4 FB: Twitter: @babyteeth4 Blog: G+: ~! Come Back For More Videos Please !~ Time For Toys (Toy Unboxing + Toy Reviews) | Tuesday Kid Candy Reviews | Thursday Kawaii Day (Japanese Toys + Japanese Candy) | Friday How To Make Candy | Saturday ~! Watch More Of Our Videos !~ More Time For Toys ► How To Make Candy Tutorials & DIY Sweet Treats ► More Babyteeth4 Friday Kawaii Day! ► ~! Time For Toys !~ Babyteeth4, while known for their kid candy reviews, are toy fanatics like any other kid! Thus, Babyteeth4 invites you to watch their toy unboxing show Time For Toys. Whether it’s a toy haul or a toy review, Jillian and Addie have a toy story for you! Subscribe to Babyteeth4 to see the latest toy unboxings of your favorite Disney toys from Frozen, the Disney Princesses, and The Avengers. If you’re looking for a great doll review these two have it. Barbie doll, Monster High doll, Reborn doll, or even Baby Alive doll you name it they’ve got a review for it! Subscribe and check hot toy unboxing videos like the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic set unboxing, Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Candy Jar set reviews, and Surprise Eggs & Kinder Egg openings. ~! About Babyteeth4 !~ Welcome to the official Babyteeth4 YouTube channel, home of the number one kid candy review show in the world, starring 10-year-old and 8-year-old sisters Jillian & Addie! This dynamic duo has been sharing kid candy […]

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  • Jesse HURCOMB 1 month ago


  • Sejal K.C 1 month ago

    Wow gold

  • Stella & Friends 1 month ago


  • Katie Mc guire 1 month ago


  • Squid_Soup 1 month ago

    2:35 gold doesn't float btw

  • 999,998 Views 1 month ago

    They are doing it so wrong they didn't even shake the pan so all the gold will go to the bottom. The reason the little gold flake was floating was because it didn't break the surface tension of the water. Please just go watch a tutorial how to do this because you are very uneducated

  • Sceptnado Sceptnado 1 month ago

    Does anyone else realize they're just moving the water around slowly at the top of the pan? They're not panning right so I'm not surprised they barely got anything….

  • Russ Gallery 1 month ago

    It's not real because the go the floats real gold would sink because it's heavy

  • Kori Oates 1 month ago

    For real where did you get it from

  • Unsmuckables 1 month ago

    You guys are awesome

  • Lisa Golden 1 month ago

    Where do you live

  • Mike Meyer 1 month ago

    You should just be able to wash all the dirt away and the gold will stay in it. Thry seem scared to lose it. Like there bills rely on those 2 small bags.

  • Jacob Servantes 1 month ago

    !aaaaaaaa you fide gold

  • Clutch Gaming 1 month ago

    Noooo that's bad

  • Kemal Abaz 1 month ago

    Bcxbkbxghbcvv xxhvxcbbnkkkvxccxz&_'-:'!!!!:_;++&

  • Zoe Mate 1 month ago

    1 the gold is not real it is %100 fake it's juts metal with gold pant on it. It's is all fake