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Marin Master Gardeners are a trained group of 300+ volunteers who share their knowledge and skills with home gardeners and community organizations. Through educational outreach and community service, they work as non-paid staff members of the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE), answering inquiries and providing research-based information on all areas of plant health and gardening practices to the public. Learn more at OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY open up the vertical pallet potato experiment and find this…… Subscribe to OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY: ****************************************************************** HERE ARE SOME PLACES WE CAN MEET UP IN 2017…… ******************************************************************* HERE IS A GREAT WAY TO SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL/ USE THIS AMAZON LINK AND IT COST YOU NOTHING =) **GENERAL LINK FOR YOUR SHOPPING : **ITEMS WE RECOMMEND STALKING THE WILD ASPARAGUS BY EUELL GIBBONS STALKING THE WILD ASPARAGUS FIELD GUIDE SALLY FALLON NOURISHING TRADITIONS GET IT HERE – OUR FRIEND ESTER EMERY’S BOOK- WHAT FALLS FROM THE SKY OUR FRIEND ESTER EMERY’S MOMS BOOK- THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COUNTRY LIVING THE SELF SUFFICIENT LIFE AND HOW TO LIVE IT STACY’S PIC- PAUL CHEKS BOOK – HOW TO EAT, MOVE AND BE HEALTHY MASON JAR SPROUTING LID AND BAND FOR WIDE MOUTH MASON JAR THE BROCCOLI SEEDS WE SPROUT THE SPROUTING JAR WE USE VORTEX HAND CRANK BLENDER WE USE PAMPERED CHEF GARLIC PRESS ————STACY LOVES THIS BERKEY WATER FILTERS ————GREAT FILTERS AND SYSTEM 100% NATURAL: Crafted from Bamboo, a sustainable resource, Wooden Bristles NO Static MENS BEARD AND MUSTACHE BOARS HAIR BRISTLE BRUSH AND WOODEN COMB KIT WOMANS BOARS HAIR BRISTLE BRUSH Navitas Organics Cacao Nibs, 8 oz. Bag MASON TOPS FERMENTING KIT —————-SPECIAL […]

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  • green toes 1 year ago

    My reds store till about Christmas in the root cellar. We harvest them about October.

  • green toes 1 year ago

    When I was throwing potato peels in the compost pile it grew me a bushel of tators. When I was in the clay soil of KY We had to grow root crops in raised beds

  • Kathleen Tinley 1 year ago

    I do not get a chance to watch you often but when I do, I really enjoy you!

  • Walba Threadkiller 1 year ago

    Don't know what kind he grew, but in the spring, my Papa would put the potato chits, in a big barrel that the bottom had rusted out of. He would put in some dirt, don't remember him watering it, but he might have. He would put all the grass clippings from the yard in the barrel after he mowed. He just kept doing that all summer long. In the fall, he would tip the barrel over and harvest the potatoes.
    I talked to the gentleman who mows my lawn and he is going to get a grass catcher next year, and we are going to try it.

  • Joe King 1 year ago

    great video guys!! im debating on the potatoes this year. They really are super cheap to buy so i dont know if i want to put the work into it. i have so many other projects goin

  • My Little Homestead 1 year ago

    Thanks for this ! I am doing Straw Bale Potatoes and some other root veggies this year ! I am excited to try it ! ­čÖé Great potato harvest ! Love the pallet idea !

  • William Christopher 1 year ago


  • Ardelle Wachter 1 year ago

    how sandy is your soil? onions and potatoes love sand.

  • Not Forgotten 1 year ago

    Lol, cool I'm about to do my potatoes garden. Glad it slow maintenance.

  • scott chadwick 1 year ago

    My great uncle use to grow the biggest Pontiac red potatoes I ever saw. They often baked one potato and split it in half. Two potatoes made a large skillet of fried potatoes. I wished I was old enough then to learn how he grew them. In the fall he gave them away to the family as he planted a 3-acre plot of them every year.

  • Theodore Parkin 1 year ago

    There has to be a better way to grow potatoes

  • Amanda Farley 1 year ago

    Luckily your sweet potato harvest was so good!

  • Teri Carnright 1 year ago

    My first year doing potatoes… Planted 3 varieties in 5 gallon grow pots. Only one produced well. BUT.. threw the remaining seed potatoes into the "real" garden, covered with straw and left them. WHAT a nice harvest! No work, no watering. Can't wait to plant again this next year!

  • Denise View 1 year ago

    I've gotten potatoes from potato peels. Not big potatoes but, good size for frying.

  • 6996katmom 1 year ago

    With the little ones do the potato candy that Hollis and Nancy do. Do you plant the biggest one like Paul Gautschi does or do you buy seed potatoes?

  • Rob Marks 1 year ago

    I love you two. Your such a cute couple.

  • Pattsy Dayley 1 year ago

    I have tried this numerous times. I watered and fertilized and took good care and still got very few potatoes. I agree with Bumble Bee Junction's remark that everytime you add dirt, add more seed potatoes. I haven't tried that but It makes sense to me. Thanks for the fun videos.

  • Tana Pittsford 1 year ago

    I think you passed. Last year I planted 5# of potatoes and harvested 53#. I put out russets, on the wet end of my garden, next to my sunflowers. I didn't work with my potatoes either, but I was very blessed. I added some leaves and sheep manure.