A1Sheds: WaterShed Roofing Kits provide a long-lasting roof for your garden building. Made from light-weight, easy-to-handle corrugated roofing tiles, rain water is channelled effectively down the slope of the roof and away from the building. The WaterShed roofing kit is designed to cover all apex roofed buildings, including sheds, summerhouses, workshops, garages, playhouses, log cabins, lodges, bike stores, shelters, beach huts, log stores and the like. It can be used instead of, or over existing roofing felt, and is easy to fit. The WaterShed roofing system comes with a manufacturer’s 10-year warranty, and is supplied as a full kit consisting of roof tiles, ridge tiles, timber battens, fixing screws and screw caps.

WaterShed kits are innovative, simple and fast to use, and are available in the UK at http://www.a1sheds.com/watershed-roofing-kits-383-c.asp.
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WaterShed Roofing Kits: How to re-roof your shed without roofing felt.

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