Added by on 2016-03-08 – Vertical and urban farming will be how the world is fed in the near future. Even today there are large scale commercial vertical farming projects all over the world that can produce food year round effectively and efficiently. LED grow light tubes for vertical farming applications need to be waterproof to IP 65 standards. T8 LED grow bulbs are a perfect replacement for fluorescent lighting that can save 30% to as much as 70% in electricity costs while not sacrificing crop quality and yield. With the proper lighting regimen and environmental conditions, using LED grow light bars can result in more rapid growth rates for faster crop turns. More crop turns per year will increase revenue for any size personal or commercial grow set up. Indoor farming can be very profitable with a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Even with the higher initial cost of using LED T8 grow lights instead of fluorescent, growers can recoup costs in about 18 months or less. Profitable herbs and veggies to grow indoors using LED grow lights include arugula, cilantro, specialty basil, micro greens, chives and other culinary herbs. Some plants can be ready for harvest in as little as 20-30 days from seed germination which means rapid turn around time and a consistent income flow. T8 LED grow lights can be direct replacements for existing fluorescent fixtures in retrofitting applications. In addition, the grow bulbs can also plug in directly to AC power using the standard power cord – no fixture or ballast required. Lighting works equally well as supplemental greenhouse lighting or as primary lighting for indoor urban farming applications. Because of the very low heat output, the bulbs can be placed very close to the plants, lending itself to vertical farming and rack systems. For more […]

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