Watering plants is something you can’t get wrong, isn’t it? Follow our simple tips to ensure you’re watering efforts have the maximum effect on your plants.

Whether it’s the type of plant, how mature it is, where it’s positioned in your garden or what it’s planted next to. There are a range of factors which determine the best way to water each plant.

In this video we explain which plants can require special watering attention and demonstrate how to ensure you’re watering more efficiently for your plant’s health, for your time and to conserve as much water as possible.

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Watering Your Vegetable Garden: How to Water Plants for Healthier Growth

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  • Semi-crunchy Mama

    I planted my tomatoes super deep rather than laying them in a trench this year. We went for almost 2 weeks without water, and while my other crops wilted after less than a week, the tomatoes never gave any signs of being thirsty. I watered them with the rest of the garden, but I'm going to try not to next time to see how long they can go without. I wish I hadn't put my soaker hose in that bed bc now I need to move it to an area that needs it more! Mulch helps, too. I'm experimenting with wood chips vs shredded leaves. Both have done well so far!

  • Cris K

    Hello, thank you very much for ALL your informative videos. But I do have a question about the best way to water your veggies. you say it's best to water closely to the roots…it make me think ….what about rain and foliar feed, both fall rather on the leaves than the plant roots. Wouldn't it be more "natural" to water the plants from above…like rain? If you have the time…I am thankful for your answer…

  • Just Me

    I use ground water from the deep deep well on our property and my plants seem to love it, I use a drip system on most of my plants, but some, I just love to spend time with, especially when they are just babies, so I hand water those ones 🙂 I also feed some of my plants Maxsea and then bat guano too, I like to add worm castings like once a month while I water and watch them soak in…SO Magical to watch your garden grow and bonding with loved ones!!!! Thank you SO much for the awesome tips!!!

  • TheGodFather232

    good thing i do if you dont have a water barrel, cut off the top of a fizzy drink bottle (2litres or more) too a size that the top of it can stay on the top of the bottom of the bottle then put some heavy rocks in the bottom of the bottle but not to much so that water can get in there then turn the top upsidedown put it in the bottom and done it works by filling up with water and the small cap entry will not let the water evaporate as easy as if you put nothing in the top il send you a picture of it on twitter if you want ^_^

  • Carolina De La Ossa

    When I water my lucky bamboo I use filtered water because I was told that chloride in tap water can kill the plant. I was planning to grow some herbs in my garden for cooking. Do I have to use filtered water on those too or they are not affected by the chloride?

  • Brandi Banks

    What software/app were you using to plan your garden?  I am interested in seeing if it will work for me!  Thank you in advance!

  • Mala NR

    Great information! Thanks a lot. I have a lot of potted plants in my balcony, and have put them close to each other. This does help in retaining moisture. I understand that sprinkling the leaves does lead to wastage of water, but I mostly do that 2-3 times a week (during summers) as I want to clean the leaves. Else they look dull and dusty. I am concerned about this leading to spread of diseases though! Should I do this less frequently?

  • tammy raabe

    I use Plant Nannies in my container plants – I have the terra cotta ones into which you place upside-down wine bottles. Love them! Also, I use soaker hose instead of drip hose, but from what I gather both are equally effective at watering deeply while avoiding evaporation. I am dealing with clay soil, and it's difficult to get the soil aerated. Any thoughts?

  • nicolemlc

    We have many raised garden beds, and pots.  Every year we add a thick layer of compost, and after planting, we put a thick layer of chopped straw on top of entire garden beds/pots.  We work it all into the soil at the end of the growing season. Our soil is rich, dark and moist with lots of earthworms.

  • The Abled Gardener

    Thanks for the great video on watering. I am in California where we are going through yet another drought year. I have lost 3 large shade trees and haven't had the funds to install a drip system, so my garden is taking a beating this year. I do have a great garden though with many producing plants, only losing a few to the high heat of recent. I enjoy your videos and have gotten quite a few ideas for my garden. Thanks for you informative videos, Kim

  • Michelle Guevremont

    thank you for all your tips, I always learn something new and appreciate how you are presenting and sharing in a friendly way. I have been using the garden planner for 3 years now and although it takes time to do it, I think it is worth-ed in the long run.  I live in Central Alberta and have 3 water barrels but could use more as I had to fill them up twice now (middle of June) with the hose from the tap which is quite expensive.  I use gray water from my dishwater when needed and water in the evening.  I guess the best advice for the future would be to start planting low water requirement vegetables?

  • freedom dove

    Where in the world is your mulch?  It doesn't make sense to tell people to water wisely and then leave your soil bare, allowing the water to evaporate.  Throw some wood chips on that ground, for pete's sake!

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