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Glenn Martinez of Olomana Gardens will explain the mini watering device that he came up with to water your garden tower from the inside up. Take a look at what he does with the mini air lift pump. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsStrawberry Tower WateringGarden Tower Setup: WateringAutomatic Watering Garden Tower – Soil & Hydroponics System – Set Up Kit InstructionsReplenishing Tower – Self Watering, Indoor/Outdoor Garden Tower Aeroponic HydroponicVertical Gardens / Self watering potsVertical Gardens / Self watering pots

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  • greenlifeaquaponics 1 year ago

    what size pipes are you using?

    If the water is 2ft deep will it pump higher?

  • Tetsuzan Benny Ron 1 year ago


  • a14266 1 year ago

    Hi Glenn, is there any DIY video on this ? i live far away from australia… 

  • Natalie Cash 1 year ago

    See Glenn Martinez of Olomana Gardens show off his mini version of the air lift pumping to water the tower gardens. Here we go!