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  • Raphaël Vartore 3 months ago

    great video!

  • Michael Collinson 3 months ago

    Nice video, as you say make life as easy as you can! I am lucky in that I have a stream some 300 feet away from my garden it is also  about 50 feet beneath the level of the garden but what I have done last year is to build an hydraulic ram pump, this just uses the gravity of the stream to pump water up to a holding tank without the need for any form of motor, I only get a trickle at that height and distance but it is running 24 hours a day

  • TheNewport2009 3 months ago

    the easy way indeed

  • Jim Marcum 3 months ago

    Soaker Hoses don't cost that much.  Invest in some and string them between the rows and run 'cheap' outdoor hose from your outside faucet.  when you need to water turn on faucet and have a beer and watch the garden get watered. 

  • Jeff Russell 3 months ago

    I would think a good sprinkler or soaker hoses would be more efficient with the amount of water your using anyway. "T" off the hose and run 2 sprinklers maybe for that size garden. My job as a kid was water can and every plant in the back 40 😉 Love the videos.

  • Sheds Direct 3 months ago

    This is the most easiest way of irrigation process that I've ever known in a smarter way. This will help a lot specifically to the garden beginners and raised bed planters. Just a simple tip but this will really count a lot!

  • MiWilderness 3 months ago

    I hope the syrup making went well.

  • Scott Braun 3 months ago

    stumbled on to your channel here. only to realize i took a few pages out of your book making syrup this year.

  • MiWilderness 3 months ago


  • Yakmock45 3 months ago

    Good job bro. I know of trails in West Mich. Going to make some vids this weekend bud. Please check them out. I like your input.

  • MiWilderness 3 months ago

    Thanks! So, did you find any Michigan hiking trails for 3-4 night trips? I would like to find some locally in southern Michigan if possible.

    Thanks, Roosevelt

  • Paul Pisarsky 3 months ago

    Stumbled across your channel yesterday while looking for Michigan hiking trails for 3-4 night trips. Being a Michigander myself I find your channel to be very helpful. Keep on making the vids, much appreciated.

  • RedFree100 3 months ago

    I will have to get the sound of the crow it sounds like that, don't tell the neighbor.

  • Rob's Bushcraft 3 months ago

    Oh man see if you can ring them in a and sell tickets to people who want to see them…;o))
    They are very good diggers so they probably made a drainage system to coupe with the water:o)

  • MiWilderness 3 months ago

    We had a good rain yesterday and that's about it in over two weeks. I hear one inch per week is good for a garden, we are getting about a fourth of that. But, i saw cayenne peppers, green bell peppers, and my beans and okra are coming up.

  • MiWilderness 3 months ago

    We have had very little rain, you are a lucky man Geza.

  • MiWilderness 3 months ago

    You're welcome!

  • MiWilderness 3 months ago

    and extremely low maintenance…except for the moles.


  • MiWilderness 3 months ago

    Thanks Tito, gravity and capillary action does most of the work.

  • MiWilderness 3 months ago

    Rob, I believe these are aquatic moles with a taste for juicy fruit chewing gum and hot pepper. They live! 🙂