All experts agree that proper irrigation is a fundamental element for the well-being of plants and that, moreover, giving the lawn and plants the right amount of water has a considerable impact both on the domestic economy and on the environment. natural. Every time we open a tap, in fact, it is good to remember that water is a vital and increasingly precious element, whose availability is not unlimited and that its cost can weigh heavily on the budget of a family or a condominium. , especially if we are talking about medium or medium-large gardens. It must also be considered how the climate change underway, with less and less frequent rainfall and ever higher temperatures (we are talking about + 1.4 ° C more recorded in 2014 compared to the thirty years 1971-2000 – source CNR) more necessary a uniform irrigation, calibrated and away from the hottest hours of the day, to prevent the water from evaporating unnecessarily on the ground, even before reaching the roots of the grass and plants.

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underground irrigation claber Fortunately, today the evolution of technology makes all the advantages of underground irrigation available to gardening enthusiasts, a system created to meet the needs of agriculture and large public green spaces. With a small investment, it is possible to create an underground system at home, equipped with an electronic programmer, solenoid valves and retractable sprinklers (“pop up”) to automatically water the lawn and plants, at the best times and without wasting water unnecessarily: even when we are absent for work or on vacation. Among the various brands specialized in the field of domestic irrigation, Claber is an Italian company that stands out for its experience, quality, ease of use and cutting-edge technologies. Today we want to talk to you about the new solution proposed by Claber Aqua-Home 4-6-8, a programmer specially designed for today’s gardens.

Aqua-Home programmer 4-6-8 claber The Aqua-Home 4-6-8 programmer works with the 230 V AC transformer included in the package and stands out for its pleasantly compact design, with a large and readable liquid crystal display which, together with only 4 buttons and a knob, makes the choice of irrigation programs very easy and immediate. As the name implies, Aqua-Home 4-6-8 can manage up to 8 irrigation lines, determining the duration of the irrigation (from 1 minute to 4 hours and 15 minutes) with 2 independent cycles for each line and up to 4 daily departures per cycle. Added to this are other useful functions: selection of irrigation days (weekly, cyclical from 1 to 12 days, alternating days), Water Budget to vary irrigation from 0 to 200%, depending on weather conditions, Rain-Stop to suspend irrigation in case of rain and resume it when good weather returns, without having to set the programs again. It is also possible to start an irrigation cycle manually, with a customizable duration from 5 minutes to 4 hours and 15 minutes, or semi-automatic.

claber aqua home Another strong point of Aqua-Home 4-6-8 is reliability. When you buy an electronic programmer for underground irrigation, a doubt almost always comes to mind: “what happens if the power fails and I’m not at home?”. Generally these products have a buffer battery which still ensures operation for some time. Aqua-Home 4-6-8, unlike traditional programmers, is equipped with an innovative “super condenser” with a practically unlimited duration. One more reason to choose the Aqua-Home 4-6-8 programmer, together with the other Claber products, to create an underground irrigation system for your garden.

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Watering the home garden? Claber’s Aqua Home 4-6-8 takes care of it

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