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Witness how quickly you can grow your own food with Tower Garden in this dramatic 4-week time-lapse. Tower Garden website: Tower Garden Facebook Page: About Tower Garden: As a convenient vertical aeroponic growing system, Tower Garden by Juice Plus+® simplifies gardening. Easily grow almost any vegetable, herb, or flower and many fruits at home with 90% less space and water and in a fraction of the time compared to conventional gardening. It’s perfect for urban settings—rooftops, patios, balconies, terraces—or just about any relatively sunny place outside. Related PostsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodWhat is Tower GardenCustomer Reviews of the Tower Garden® ExperienceIndoor Grow Room and Hydroponic System Setup Time-lapseAmazing Timelapse of Tower Gardens – Playa RestaurantJuice Plus Tower Garden Review Pt 1

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  • Temps 1 year ago

    Perfect for the apocalypse.

  • Lisa Ware 1 year ago

    Love my tower garden!

  • Cathy Moser 1 year ago

     Check out this #organic  / dirt free  #towergarden   growing system, great  for your home or business, balcony, rooftops,  or your restaurant in or outdoors with a lighting system as well for year around #growingorganic  

  • Marcus Storkamp 1 year ago

    SCAM, TowerGarden is trying to make you think that they grow things in under 4 weeks. See those plants in the start, they take 1.5-2 weeks to grow up. 

  • Pogmo Thoin 1 year ago

    Neat idea but WOW, waaaaay over-priced! Could build one for less from similar parts from a big box home and garden store.

  • KIM MOFFAT 1 year ago

    We just set up our Tower Garden and can't wait to harvest the results!

  • tekhed580 1 year ago

    So PVC then

  • BrightGreenThumb 1 year ago

    Wood would rot, clear glass would create algae and the light would kill the roots.