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I’m halfway though sheeting the roof of my shipping container shop, and already need to redo some of it. 🙁 Watch this now to learn how to avoid this same problem happening to your next roofing job. To see more details on our shipping container shop build, check out the Shipping Container Shop playlist here: Related PostsWatch this before you pay $50.00 to the Juice Plus company (her story needs to be heard)Watch This BEFORE Buying Garden Soil for Vegetable PatchThe Best Roofing shoes to walk on steep roofs , gotta know this secret …watch this!DON’T do this in your Tower Garden! My BIG mistakeRoll roofing installation, Flat roof installation step by step ,must watch!General Hydroponics-Watch This Before You Buy!

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  • TexasAggieNetwork 3 weeks ago

    Sheathing my house roof today. Man today is going to be brutal. Dude it only would have taken an extra 15 minutes to hit those sheets with the nail gun. On another note I hate how the wet weather always shows up when I'm working with osb

  • West Park 3 weeks ago

    Dude: Did you leave 1/8 inch space between sheets for thermal and moisture expansion? Probably not.

  • West Park 3 weeks ago

    OSB sucks. Never use OSB!

  • Chris Zink 3 weeks ago

    Depending where you are plywood clips are code required. But should always be used regardless. As a guy who has layed more than a few bunks of plywood I highly recommend you don't use the cheapest tin clips as it slows down the laying when you have to bend them open to fit your plywood. Spend the extra $15 dollars and get your plywood down without headaches!

  • Kent Duggan 3 weeks ago

    Dude just cut around the sheets, the saw blade is enough to relieve the stress, always try to nail and cover any exposed sheething, plywood swells just as bad, and dont blame others, everyone should have helped nail the sheets

  • David Thomas 3 weeks ago

    Don't get son wet at all, but plyood,tongue n groove for floors and it should be code for roofs, 3/4 " tongue n groove ,glue and screw. So your house doesn't squeek

  • Roland Métayer 3 weeks ago

    That is what happens when you get your DRINKING BUDDIES to come over and help. The boards on my house are ninety-seven years old and still good. I don't think that this man's OSB will last ninety-seven MONTHS, never mind ninety-seven YEARS ! !

  • woody ahh 3 weeks ago

    This roof has been done 100% wrong
    This will not pass inspection
    Next time watch YouTube a little longer
    May be read a book
    Better yet read your plans

  • Jay Ryan 3 weeks ago

    You felt you needed to make a video about these issues? This is information a complete amateur would already know.

  • Matthew Kiefer 3 weeks ago

    Soaking wet OSB? = Shot OSB that will fail with the oatmeal effect in time no matter what you do to (You think) fix it. If it got that wet for that long the only fix is to replace it. I sure as hell wouldn't want to live in that home.

  • Mike Sacco 3 weeks ago

    Always H clips
    And looks like in video you ran seam on seam.
    It has to be staggered.
    And never leave it exposed to rain.
    Even a tarp would work. Tar paper or there’s other products you can use.
    But 10000% to ya. Most wont show a video of a oops or dam we made a boo boo.
    We all make them. I been in the field 30yrs plus and still make dumb mistakes. Nothing big but shit happens.

  • Youtube Comments 3 weeks ago

    Meh. I thought this video was gonna be useful. The point of the video is do the work how it supposed to be done not how it’s not supposed to be done. Nothing wrong with using osb if your work is good.

  • vaeagle1 3 weeks ago

    always use the spacers made for plywood expansion and felt in right away/

  • Douglas Lewis 3 weeks ago

    You'll never get rid of the mold.
    Burn that POS.

  • trick noon 3 weeks ago

    Your giving lessons and you didn't tar paper the day you put the sheathing on not to smart it would have taken a half hour

  • buddybeetle 3 weeks ago

    Screw them down, not nail. And don't get them wet.

  • Vince Diesel 3 weeks ago

    I think the problem is poor planning. Three-quarter inch tongue and groove on the floor is specified to leave an 8th inch gap. But half-inch OSB on the roof should be butt tightly. Can you say tarp?

  • Chris Martinez 3 weeks ago

    You need to change the orientation of the panel where the opening is…

  • Mark Gantz 3 weeks ago

    Never use cheap materials , definitely don't leave anything exposed to weather . I was nailing my last shingle one time December 5th at 10pm in the moon light and it was just starting to snow . Never leave anything exposed !