Start-up Iron Ox created a fully autonomous farm in San Carlos, California. The hydroponic, indoor farm relies on two robots to plant, care for and harvest all its produce.

One of the robots is 1,000 pounds and about the size of a car. It picks up the trays of plants and transports them around the greenhouse. A second machine, a robotic arm, is responsible for all the fine manipulation tasks, like seeding and transplanting.

As a tray of plants matures, the mobile robot carries it to the processing area. Here, the robotic arm moves baby plants in densely packed trays to containers with more space. This optimizes space efficiency, because throughout their life cycle, plants are only given the room they need.

Co-founder and CEO Brandon Alexander claimed that Iron Ox is able to do the equivalent of 30 acres of outdoor farming in just a single acre on its robotic farm. The company wants to build more small farms near urban centers so produce is fresher upon arrival.
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Watch Iron Ox’s New Farm Run Entirely By Robots | CNBC
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Watch Robots Grow Food Without Farmers

| Vertical farming | 39 Comments
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  • AzakaBlue

    This is the future.

    If automation is capable of doing the work it's time to rethink are roles. Asking ourselves if old Concepts such as human labor and Monetary Exchange relevant in our growing automated world.

    It's not communist like some people would believe or socialism it's simple technological advancement our ability to solve problems to produce in abundance.

    To be able to provide for all people without cost eliminating negative behavioral patterns such as crime war scarcity greed corruption Etc all of which are derived from Monetary Exchange and the pursuit of monetary means.

    If we can eliminate the need for monetary exchange, have technology be the new medium we can finally solve problems as a planet as a species working together to benefit everyone as whole.

    Not some evil idea from an organization trying to rule everything but simple human progress.

    Imagine a world where the human role is be creative to think of new ideas to make the world better to make yourself better to make everybody around you better to finally live your life in a meaningful way that's meaningful to you.

    It's not utopian because Utopia means perfect they're always be challenges that we need to face problems that need to be solved but with this kind of system with Automation and autonomous technology those Solutions are locked closer and if we finally remove the stresses and the burdens that Monetary Exchange creates we could become something we never thought possible it's not an [ism] it's something new that has never been tried.

  • UMos

    I just saw a few videos that basically say: We have enough food – we just throw too much away even before it hits the market.
    Now I am confused.

  • crazieeez

    Another Boston Dynamic where they demonstrate a robot capable of replacing human labors. Yet it comes to mass production and price, the model falls apart. If a robot produces lettuce at $100.00 a pound (including robot research and development) vs a human producing lettuce at $0.50 a pound, I think the choice is obvious for consumer. Unless robot can drive down the cost equivalent to human labor, then the economic equation will change. Until then, there's over a decade before the transition will happen.

  • Chronic Games

    It's funny they build these robots right, real people lose there jobs then they want to sell it to people who lost their jobs. So how are those people gonna pay for it. You know these guys are not gonna give the food out for free.

  • Jack Ass

    This is both my wildest dream and greatest nightmare. It can be the tool for a spectacular new era or the greatest promoter of human dysgenics the world has ever known. We're entering what will be one of the most uncertain times humanity has ever faced. If we cannot learn to be more critical and discerning of our fellow man, and apathy becomes a final virtue, this technology will negate the last of humanities natural pressures and open up the flood gates for people that belong to an ever growing gene pool of those that offer nothing but consumption and procreation to the world. The trajectory we're on is unmistakably dangerous.

  • Not Used

    Don't trust someone pitching with a soft voice to take over your feelings over real numbers. The idea is great in the perfect world where cost has no bearing. Furthermore, there's plenty of farmland left to keep farming. This guy is pitching fantasyland.

  • dulal mrida

    vaia ami ki apnar number ta pete pari ami apnar shate ektu khota bolte pari video er bepare amio apnar moto ekjon kobutor premik ami italy thaki apnake ektu dekte chai r shomvhob hole kono videor niche apnar namber ta diyen amar nam Dulal mrida apnar shob video gula ami dekhi amr khub valo lage

  • Lokesh Solanki

    आप भाई कबूतर पालना सूरू करें तो कोन सी नस्ल की कबूतर लाना चाहिए और कबूतर को हमेशा अपने छत पर केसे बिटाये जाता है और कबूतर को न सिर्फ नस्ल के से जुड़ी बातें बताई भाई कबूतर को एक बार। टाटा दिखाई दे फिर उन्हें वापिसी केसे छत पर के बिठाया जाता है कि कबूतर को

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