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I got sick of foam, cork, bark, clay, cement, epoxy and everything else people use to make backgrounds for terrariums. So I came up with something different. Related Posts3 COZY & EASY FALL DIYS: Succulent Terrariums, Gallery Wall, Twinkling TwigsWall PlantersEasy Succulent Wall PlantersPittsburgh Retaining Wall with PlantersCanvas and Wall PlantersUnique vertical wall planters

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  • jordan marquardt 1 year ago

    are you going to make these available? I would buy them for sure

  • Jam Like A T3ch 1 year ago

    This is so cool! I wish I had such awesome resources to make these. Great vid thank you for sharing your cool ideas.

  • Natural Vivaria 1 year ago

    Really love what you're doing! Keep it up!

  • acsnowboarder13 1 year ago

    Your videos ate so awesome. Great use of a 3d printer! !!