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Wall Hanging Planter-Simple Garden Idea-DIY Planter Idea-Showpiece for Decoration //GREEN PLANTS Plants: -arrowhead plant -money plant/pothos -philodendron Soil:-Coco peat 50%,garden soil & compost 50% FOR MORE: Website: facebook:- instagram:- twitter:- pinterest:- G+:- ALL VIDEOS PLAYLISTS ALL VIDEOS PLAYLISTS BONSAI: HOW TO GROW MONEY PLANT: BOUGAINVILLEA BONSAI: COCONUT BONSAI: EASY BONSAI GROWING TIPS: YOU CAN START BONSAI: LUCKY BAMBOO IDEAS: HOME GARDEN IDEAS: FLOWER GARDEN: BONSAI AT HOME: UPDATE VIDEOS: AIRLAYRING & GRAFTING: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBest Wall Hanging Planter & Gate Decoration Planter | shelf decorative Planters Ideas//GREEN PLANTSLucky Bamboo Growing In Old Light Bulb | Wall Hanging Old Light Bulb Planter //GREEN PLANTSWall Hanging Plants Design Ideas For your Home DecorationHow to Make Beautiful Wall Hanging Money Plant Room Decoration with Bamboo | Money Plant Wall DecorWall Hanging Flower Pot/Decorative Flower Vase Showpiece/DIY Wall Hanging Cement Pot//GREEN PLANTSMoney plant Living Wall | Money plant Wall Decoration | Indoor Pothos Climbing Plants//GREEN PLANTS

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