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Wall Hanging Flower Pot/Decorative Flower Vase Showpiece/DIY Wall Hanging Cement Pot//GREEN PLANTS. Handmade Modern Cement Wall Mounted Flowers Vase/planter This video shows making a creative & elegant wall decor conch shaped planter which great for growing lucky plants, money plants, succulents, cacti or any decorative indoor house plants. we can hang this vase in the kitchen, bedroom, living room or office with money plant that beautify and purify the house or office, a good decoration for anywhere and we can use it as a unique gift to our friends. Used materials -White cement -Balloon -Jute sack/cloth-cut pieces -Plastic sheet -White paint FOR MORE: Website: facebook:- instagram:- twitter:- pinterest:- G+:- ALL VIDEOS PLAYLISTS BONSAI: HOW TO GROW MONEY PLANT: BOUGAINVILLEA BONSAI: COCONUT BONSAI: EASY BONSAI GROWING TIPS: YOU CAN START BONSAI: LUCKY BAMBOO IDEAS: HOME GARDEN IDEAS: FLOWER GARDEN: BONSAI AT HOME: UPDATE VIDEOS: AIRLAYRING & GRAFTING: Related PostsHanging Tree pot | Hanging Planter Vase at Home | Decorative Showpiece for Home Decor//GREEN PLANTSZZ Plant / Zanzibar Gem Clear Glass Vase Wall Hanging Planters and Decor for Indoor8 Wall Hanging Indoor Gardening/Tree Plantation with Plastic Bottles | Hanging Tree Pot /Vase DIYBest Wall Hanging Planter & Gate Decoration Planter | shelf decorative Planters Ideas//GREEN PLANTSWall Hanging Planter-Simple Garden Idea-DIY Planter Idea-Showpiece for Decoration //GREEN PLANTSLucky Bamboo Growing In Old Light Bulb | Wall Hanging Old Light Bulb Planter //GREEN PLANTS

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