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This video will show how to cultivate plants with tendrils on a wall with the help of a net. In this video, I will use green pea plants. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Grow Coriander Plants from seeds in Plastic Glass || roof gardening (with english subtitle)Hydroponic in a decorative way (with English Subtitle)Grow Broccoli in a poly bag || ROOF Gardening (with english subtitle)Grow Coriander plant in a pot || roof gardening (with english subtitle)The English Gardening SchoolVertical Gardening Ideas, Green Walls

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  • bontku rani 7 months ago

    Can you please tell us how to make mustard cake solution? And how many seeds did you plant in a single pot? Thanks and regards.

  • Suit Mhatre 7 months ago

    Ise hume kis mahine me lagana chahiye

  • Sandhya Das 7 months ago

    What is mustard cake and how to prepare it

  • Geetanjali Rajput 7 months ago

    Please tell us which seeds can be sown in what season. Like what is the right time to grow green peas.

  • Adampur channel 7 months ago

    How to grow big onions from seed

  • Siami Hnamte 7 months ago

    I was borned and grown up in a village so i was having my own garden when i was just 18,at the river side..i used to grow different kinds of veg and flowers and i swear peas grow better in clay soil…

  • Kristina Puhalovićutakmicu hajduk dinamo 7 months ago

    Zašto se ne prevodi na hrvatski

  • Sandhya Khanna 7 months ago

    What an innovative idea, thank you sir

  • Herminio Temaxte 7 months ago

    Una sugerencia deberían traducirlo al Español . Saludos desde Ajalpan Puebla México

  • mohammad Nafees 7 months ago

    Ap ne che ki patti daliha dada zaruor bate apner sukrya

  • Subarno Banerjee 7 months ago


  • Louella Shetty 7 months ago

    From where do we get mustard cake for the plants

  • bhabanisankar decor 7 months ago

    Kiya bat he sir ur great

  • RAVINDRA MARSHETWAR 7 months ago

    Abhinandan for this video.can we get seeds of this green peas which has a special property of which season it is planted ?

  • Seema Johari 7 months ago

    Which month is good to plant the seeds?

  • Usha Y 7 months ago

    Very useful thanks sir

  • ramya sreenivasan 7 months ago

    How we prepare compost at home for containers. Because after one or two fruits ripping the plant dried.