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DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A FAN VIDEO! AND I DON’T WANT TO MAKE ANY MONEY AT ALL! AND I’M NOT CLAIMING THAT ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS IN THIS VIDEO ARE MINE! One of my favorite scenes from WALL-E, where Auto explains A113. Uploaded because my cousin wanted to see it. Enjoy, all! Movie clip from WALL-E. Video Rating: / 5 Related Postswall-e finds a plant.wmvयह ढेरो फूल देगा इन बारिशों मे This plant will give lots of flowers in monsoonHow to Clone any plant for hydroponic or regular gardeningTop Ten Reasons to own a garden grow tower & grow tower Give AwayGrowing Healthy, Great Tasting Cucumbers & Grow Tower Give Away6 Laws of Plant Growth That You Must Know and Follow


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  • ernye77 4 years ago


  • Larsson Eric (Greveholm) 4 years ago

    WALL-E – Give Me the Plant

  • wqerqwww 4 years ago

    Poor auto 🙁 i think he just didnt want to get home because he's and auto-pilot and if they returned home he would be useless.

  • MSDKZfan 12345 4 years ago

    When Auto was following his directive, do not return to Earth, he took it like do not return to Earth at all.

  • Kyla Blash 4 years ago

    Imagine if auto was human in this scene, it would be so bad-ass

  • Shas'O Swoll 4 years ago

    Auto, that's an order!
    face intensifies

  • animeworld art 4 years ago

    auto really wanted that plant

  • Randy Pascasio 4 years ago

    i want auto voice.

  • Infinite Warfare 4 years ago

    sounds like reaper from black ops 3

  • Lino Torres 4 years ago

    what dose a113 mean

  • Stephen Webber 4 years ago

    yes, Auto was destroyed, but what about the rest of the ships scattered in the far reaches of space. Surely news about what happened to Axiom probably got out to them, so what if the other Autos decided they didn't want to suffer the same fate and take over the other ships…all the more reason why Pixar should start writing out a sequel to Wall-E

  • i am ramen 4 years ago

    Celeste said pretty much the exact same thing to Faith in Mirror's Edge.
    Her definition of "live" is "get money and shoot guns"
    seems legit

  • chase1146 4 years ago

    i dont care if auto was corrupt he had an epic voice

  • Mr. Avery Van Hoose 4 years ago

    He sounds badass

  • Shutter Authority 4 years ago

    Wall-e will always remain one of my most favorite animated characters! we made a real world wall-e film with lots of cgi. Take a look please :)

  • Lord Zizumias 4 years ago

    You know what I've always wondered, is if the CEO of B&L told Auto not to return to Earth, and use A113, then why did they send out EVE probes to scavenge Earth for life? Clearly Auto isn't going to accept life on Earth, so why did he seems out EVE?

  • redlion 517 4 years ago


  • Quantumorph 4 years ago

    In a nod to the classroom at CalArts, where many of the original Pixar crew studied, the reference 'A113' appears in every Pixar movie to date.
    Another regular in-joke among the animators and, while no one will get the reference without a little research, once you know about it, you’ll spot it everywhere.

  • Sylvan Zarwell 4 years ago

    Brings me to tears, because I know this is pure fiction.  We might destroy the world, but we won't fight back.

  • rkb 1723 4 years ago

    I love how when the captain looks at the other captain pictures AUTO is closer and closer to them. In a way I think it shows how much more control over their lives the people are letting the robots have.