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Nowadays, China concerns itself more and more about how to make a better life and how to resolve modern city diseases such as environmental pollution, heat i… Related PostsLiving Roofs: The Future of Green CitiesBBC Future Building the Great Green Wall of ChinaGreen Roofs – Green Walls. The urban gardens of the future?The future of our cities with green roofsGreen Roofs, Pervious Pavements, and Stormwater Harvesting to Improve Stormwater RunoffSBS28b green roofs extensive intensive VL

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  • jetle25 5 years ago

    I’m very interested in the engineering and soil media they are using. Most
    buildings can’t support the added weight and the soil is usually a growing
    media with lots of expanded shale and not so much organic matter. I’m
    interested in the depth of the soil. Awesome

  • jetle25 5 years ago

    wow this is amazing. The quality of food growing looks great. And they are
    using earth rather then a soil media. They must build buildings differently
    in China. THey must be able to withstand a lot of extra weight, especially
    with using straight soil rather then a growing media.