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Extreme growth rates and exceptional yields are available with Vortex Aeroponics systems, a re-circulating design, controlled with precision timing equipment. Visit for more information and pricing. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMonsoon Drippers – Poseidon Hydroponic SystemsTrident RDWC Bubblers – Poseidon Hydroponic SystemsTrident RDWC Bubblers – Poseidon Hydroponic SystemsKraken Pro RDWC – Poseidon Hydroponic SystemsAdvantages of Aeroponics Systems over Hydroponic SystemsLooking For Aeroponics Systems? Then Visit IndoorGrowKing.c

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  • Deon Oddie 1 year ago

    how does the return water not just stay in the bottom of the grow buckets? is there a one way valve on the main bucket if not it should fill up the grow buckets or until the pressure between all buckets are even…? I could see the system working if the pump is on , it may suck the water from the grow buckets but when off what happens to all that water .With four paths of lease resistance… please advise…

  • Platt Mechanical 1 year ago

    The music in this video gave my plants powdery mildew.

  • Vaughn Santos 1 year ago

    I bought this book [Check Details Here  >>>  ] and devoured it in two days. It is an excellent guide to getting started in Aquaponic Gardening. There are guidelines for size of fish tank and stocking to the amount of grow beds you will need. There are excellent comparisons of different media types as well as the types of pumps and ways to recirculate the tank water through the beds. If you are looking for specific plans this is not the book. If you want a manual to allow you to customize the materials you have into a workable system this is the book for you. Highly Recommended!!!

  • TAZ Tactical 1 year ago

    Music is annoying as hell. Take away the fade outs and have someone talk through the process. That'll shorten the video and take away the shitty music